7 Documents You Should Always Provide Your Gutter and Siding Business Clients

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No matter how small the project is, there are certain documents you should always provide to your gutter and siding business clients. Like being insured and bonded, proper documentation is necessary to protect your business in case of future disagreements or accidents. In other words, documentation is like wearing a helmet on a motorcycle: the minor inconvenience is worth the major risk of not having it.

Always Provide a Contract

The following list of documents may not all be technically part of a contract, but they should all be at least attached to the back of the client’s contract copy. 

1. Scope of Work

This is where you would write down exactly what you will be responsible for during the course of this project. The client shouldn’t expect anything more from you, and you shouldn’t provide anything less. 

2. Cost Estimates

Break your final cost into line-by-line descriptions so the customer can see exactly where their money is going. 

If you would like some tips about how to keep costs down without sacrificing quality and customer service, visit this blog. 

3. Projected Timeline

Depending on the size of the project, you could divide it into phases and write a projected completion date for each phase. This would be a good spot to add a stipulation for a timeline change in the event of bad weather. 

4. Warranty Information

Whether the warranty is coming from the gutter manufacturer, siding manufacturer, or your company, make sure the customer has easy access to the details. Instead of just writing “ten years” or “five years,” try calculating the exact date the warranty will expire to make it easier if and when the customer is looking for it.

5. Financial Paperwork

Get the information about how the client will pay for their project and add it to the contract. You can make this whole process much easier by providing contractor financing. Learn more about how providing contractor financing will benefit your company.

6. Always Provide Proof of License, Insurance, and Bonding

Some consumers will know to ask for proof of license, insurance, and bonding, and some won’t. Either way, you will look really impressive to your customers when you willingly add these to your contract agreement. 

7. Pretty Pictures!

Hopefully, you have a way of making 3D renderings or blueprints for each project. These are important because the client can see your vision for their gutters or siding, and you can both catch mistakes before it’s too late. Attach them to the contract so you can show them what they agreed to if there is a disagreement later.

Having these documents printed and ready to go is a part of excellent customer service. Read more information on how to provide professional customer service.

Always Provide Contractor Financing

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7 Documents You Should Always Provide Your Gutter and Siding Business Clients

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