How Gutter and Siding Businesses Can Win More Customers by Offering Financing

A siding contractor dressed for cold weather installs new beige siding with a nail gun. He is dedicated to hard work in order to win more customers.

Let’s face it, new customers are the bread and butter of any contracting business. You have to win more customers in order to keep your gutter and siding business going. So, why not look for the easiest ways to make that happen, such as offering contractor financing through HFS Financial

You can actually bring in more customers (and keep them) by finding an ally who helps you offer fantastic financing options for your clients. Let’s break down just a few of the ways you can win more customers with contractor financing.

Win More Customers with Financing Options

One of the ways offering gutter and siding financing makes you more likely to win more customers is by virtue of sheer numbers and varied options. Think of the vast number of people who visit any given contractor’s website but likely don’t ever hire that contractor. Why? One of the reasons could be because they actually need financing options to complete their gutter or siding project.

Imagine how often you’d book a new client if they needed contractor financing and saw that you offered it? Especially if you’re the only contractor in a specific market who’s offering siding and gutter financing, you’ll start booking a new demographic of customer that has previously been unreached. Simply offering the option of contractor financing makes you more likely to book more jobs because you’ll bring more financial access to more people. 

Gutter Financing and Siding Financing Can Be for Budget Boosting 

Another consideration for how you can win more customers with financing options is the budget boosting effect. There are so many homeowners who plan ahead for some home improvement projects, so they’re prepared when they need a new roof or a kitchen upgrade. 

But what about those families who end up needing new gutters or siding after they’ve already completed those other projects? As a gutter and siding contractor, you can actually provide the extra boost in financial options they may need to complete their home renovations. Providing contractor financing means offering different financial options for each family’s unique needs. And contractor financing could also provide the incentive that a client needs to come back. Winning repeat clients is just as good as winning new clients. 

Contractor Financing Makes You a Better Contractor

Also consider the fact that contractor financing has great potential to actually make you a better contractor, which is honestly a great way to win more customers. When you offer gutter and siding financing through HFS Financial, you pay zero contractor fees and there is absolutely no stage funding. So, number one, you don’t have to spend any of your hard-earned cash. And, number two, you don’t have to wait for another financing agency to release the next stage of money. You’ll have what you need, when you need it.  

And, most importantly, if you have access to the funding you need to do your job well, then you can be more efficient, more focused, and overall, just more impressive at what you do. When you’re able to perform at top quality, you’ll win more customers — just like that. 

Partnering with HFS Financial is Super Easy

Offering contractor financing for your customers is not only super easy for you as the gutter and siding contractor, it can actually help your business thrive. All you have to do is complete the contractor application form, and our expert team will be in contact soon. We’ll get you set up with our super easy website widget, which will connect your customers directly to us. From there, you do what you do best, and so will we. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

How Gutter and Siding Businesses Can Win More Customers by Offering Financing

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