4 Reasons You Should Talk to Every Client About Financing

A contractor should talk to every client about financing options. The clients are well dressed and sitting in front of a window.

Every client deserves to hear about their financing options for their home improvement projects, and you honestly deserve to talk to every client about financing. There are a lot of benefits to telling every client about their financing options, and you (and your business) shouldn’t miss out. 

So, let’s take a look at just a few of the benefits for both you and your clients when you discuss financing options before the job begins.

1. Talk to Every Client About Financing and You’ll Land More Jobs

The number one, biggest, most important reason that you should talk to every client about financing is the fact that you will land more jobs when you do. If you’re looking for your business to gain momentum, bring on more clients, and grow, then one of the simplest things you can do is tell every client about their contractor financing options through HFS Financial

Determining which clients need financing and which don’t isn’t really your job. Your job is to simply offer financing and talk to your clients about it because you never know who might take you up on your contractor financing when they learn a little more. And you never know which clients were looking for a contractor to offer financing. Many clients can start sooner and make the project bigger with the right financing.

You don’t want to miss out on a job because you just didn’t mention that contractor financing options were available.

That’s why this is our number one reason you should talk to every client about their funding options. 

2. You’ll Provide a Needed Service

Our second reason is that you’ll provide a needed service. Some of your potential clients don’t even realize that contractors offer financing, but they do know that they need financing to complete their home improvement project.

When you talk to every client about financing options through HFS, then you’re providing that needed service to those clients who do need financing. And, if they don’t know to ask, and you don’t offer your financing services to every client, that may be a job that doesn’t happen.

3. You’ll Set Yourself Apart from the Competition

Our third reason to mention financing to every client is because it may set you apart from the local competition for some clients. If a client is shopping around for a contractor, and they need financing, that may be the thing that sets you apart from any other contractor. But how will they know if you don’t talk to them about offering financing options through HFS?

If they want to talk more about financing options, you can answer their questions or refer them to HFS Financial, but your goal, for now, is just getting the information out there. 

4. You’ll Impress Your Clients 

And our final reason for talking to every client about your contractor financing is that it’s just impressive. Not every local contractor offers financing options. When you do, you set yourself apart, and you seem more professional. 

Any general contracting business that has its act together enough to offer contractor financing must have its whole business together. Clients don’t necessarily need to know how simple and easy the process is for you through HFS Financial

But you do need to make sure you talk to every client about financing options, whether they end up needing them or not. 

Talk to Every Client About Financing Through HFS Financial

You know how simple and easy it is to offer contractor financing through HFS Financial, and talking to your clients about financing can be super simple and easy, too. All you need to do is mention it in every initial client interaction. That’s it! 

Raising awareness for your clients is the most important part of offering contractor financing. When they need more information, direct them to us via your website widget, and we’ll handle it from there. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.” 

4 Reasons You Should Talk to Every Client About Financing

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