Building Loyal Customers and Getting Referrals for Your Contracting Business

Building Loyal Customers and Getting Referrals for Your Contracting Business

It’s always a good feeling when you see smiles on the faces of satisfied customers after a job well done. It’s an even better feeling when they come back to you for their next home improvement project or recommend you to friends and family. As a contractor, you’ve got a lot going on as you run your business. Use these tips for building loyal customers and getting referrals for your contracting business.

Building Loyal Customers

One of the best ways to build loyal customers is to give them an experience they want to come back for. When you offer outstanding customer service, they feel as though they are heard and their needs are being met. Go above and beyond for your customers and you’ll outshine the competition every time.

Another way to build loyalty is to always be available. We’re not suggesting you answer the phone around the clock, but make it a policy to return calls within a day. You can even take it up a notch and hire an answering service so that customers receive a greeting by a human and not a recording. In today’s world, everyone has a unique preference for how they want to communicate. It’s important to be flexible in your communication techniques to accommodate your customers. You can use social media, email, texts and more to reach out to your customers. 

People love having options. Be the contractor who offers multiple options to customers. Your flexibility in this could be the difference between a customer repeatedly using you for projects or hunting for another contractor who can deliver. This can refer to options in the look or style of products all the way down to the price of materials. When they feel they have a say in the matter and you’re working alongside them, it can make all the difference!

Don’t simply cross your fingers that customers will call again with their next project. Stay connected with them via email newsletters or even routine follow-up calls to ensure they’re still pleased with the work you did. They might just have another project they want to discuss with you!

Getting Referrals

Return customers are great for business, but no business can truly grow without adding new customers. What you need are current satisfied customers who are more than happy to pass along your company’s contact information to friends and colleagues. 

This can easily be done by starting a discount for existing customers who refer new clients. Everyone loves a good deal and the construction industry is no exception. When your current client successfully refers a friend, reach out to them and offer a discount for their next project. Now you’ve got a new client and hopefully, return business as well!

Whether you’re trying to build loyal customers or get referrals for your contracting business, you’ve got a lot on your plate! Make sure you don’t have to worry about financing for your client, too. HFS Financial offers financing options for almost any home improvement project. Let HFS Financial help your customers find the financing option that’s right for their project. Contact us today at 1-800-254-9560 for more information. “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

Building Loyal Customers and Getting Referrals for Your Contracting Business

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