Expand Your Deck and Patio Business by Offering Outdoor Kitchen Installations

expand your deck and patio business

Is it time to expand your deck and patio business? Business growth is the name of the game when you want your business to last long term. So, you should always be looking for ways to innovate and meet the needs of your client base. As a deck and patio contractor, the quality of your product is already your biggest selling point. So, why not expand on the quality and type of product you sell? Here’s why you might want to expand your deck and patio business by offering outdoor kitchen installations.

Expand Your Deck and Patio Market to Outdoor Kitchen Installations

One reason you might want to consider offering outdoor kitchen installations as part of your deck and patio business is because you could potentially expand your market. Outdoor kitchen installations are becoming mainstream and widely sought after.

With people spending more time at home and looking to entertain, outdoor kitchens provide the best space to do both. Why not capitalize on the growing trend? Since you’ll already be building the surface on which these outdoor kitchens sit, how easy would it be to expand your skill set to include outdoor kitchen installation as well?

You’ll potentially be expanding the client base you serve by offering what people are already looking for. If you offer both the deck or patio and the outdoor kitchen, then you’ll help your client find all of the services they desire in one incredible company. 

Offer Contractor Financing for Outdoor Kitchen Installations

You can also expand your business and your market by offering deck financing and patio financing as well as financing for those outdoor kitchens as well.

By offering the best contractor financing for your customers, you’re offering the opportunity for your client to build more and to build better. You’re also creating the perfect opportunity for your business to grow by booking more jobs.

Contractor financing allows you to book more jobs because you give more people the opportunity to afford their home improvement project needs. So, with deck financing and patio financing, you get the job bookings you need, and your client gets the funding they need. 

Expand Your Skills and Connections to Build Your Business

And finally, you can’t miss the perfect opportunity to expand your skills and your connections. Businesses thrive when they work within their community. Offering outdoor kitchen installations is an opportunity to expand your market, but also your skills and your connections. 

When you go from only building decks and patios to including outdoor kitchens, you’ll need to expand your skills. You may need to reach out to other contractors in the area to help you master some of the newer skills, and that could lead to business relationships that help you book more work.

You may also need to utilize new suppliers for the new outdoor kitchens you’ll be building. As your network expands, so does your business. You’ll need those connections in the future. It’s wise to build those relationships as you go, so the foundation is firm. 

Increase Opportunity with the Right Contractor Financing

While you’re expanding your skillset and your business by offering outdoor kitchen installations, make sure you’ve partnered with the best contractor financing experts. With HFS Financial, your clients can get started on being cash buyers with just a 60-second inquiry. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

Expand Your Deck and Patio Business by Offering Outdoor Kitchen Installations

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