A General Contractor’s Guide to Facebook Leads

General Contractor's Guide to Generating Facebook Leads

Facebook is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways for businesses to advertise and generate leads. If it’s time for you to take your company’s marketing strategy to the next level, then check out this guide for general contractors to generate Facebook leads.

Getting Started on Generating Leads on Facebook

Leads and advertising on Facebook might sound intimidating but don’t worry. If you can create a basic Facebook post, then you’re well on your way to creating an ad and generating leads. 

Before you post anything, be sure the key elements are present on your business’s Facebook page. 

  1. Name and description of your business
  2. Both a profile and cover photo
  3. Contact information and a quick call to action so those new leads can reach out 

Next, do your research in order to determine your ideal audience. Look at a sample of customers from the previous year to get a better idea of who you’re looking for. Include a zip code, service area or radius to narrow down your potential future customers more easily. Then target your ads toward that group. If you don’t see the results you’d like after your first ad, you can easily modify the specifics later. 

Facebook Lead Strategy

Your ad should contain a captivating offer. If your first thought is a free estimate, think again. Free estimates won’t cut it these days. Potential customers want something valuable from you. What’s more valuable than good advice from professionals?

Make your ads informational and specific. Offer advice on how to select the right contractor, the average timeline for a project, or key expenses to consider when creating the budget for their home improvement project. 

Whatever you decide on as your offer, be sure it’s highly valuable to them. A $50 discount on major home improvement services will hardly draw a second glance from a couple looking to do a major remodeling project. A larger discount will cause them to enter their information. Once your team is able to have an initial consultation with the potential new customer, they can upsell to include additional services and generate more business.

Types of Facebook Ads

The next step in the guide to generating Facebook leads is to know what you’re offering to potential customers. Once you know what you’re offering, it’s time to create the ad. Facebook offers multiple options for ads, but these are a few of the most successful.

Lead ads make it easy for potential customers to learn more about you because they never have to leave Facebook to do it. With a simple “Contact Us” or “Sign Up Now” button, it will prompt them for contact information. Some forms even pre-populate for them. This type of ad is especially nice if your website is older or doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles that allow it to capture customer data easily.

Video ads are engaging and are a great way to show off your work. There’s no need to be a video professional, either. A quick video that allows you to share about your company and its strengths and services will be a good start in generating more leads. 

Carousel ads are a more exciting option that allows you to have multiple pictures rotate through. This is another way to showcase your work and give customers a glimpse of what your team is capable of.

Whichever ad style you choose, be sure to include financing options. HFS Financial can help you grow your business. Call today at 1-800-254-9560 to learn more. “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

A General Contractor’s Guide to Facebook Leads

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