How Can I Score Pool Builder Loans?

Offer exciting pool builder loans through your partnership with HFS Financial.

If you’re a pool builder, chances are you’re looking for a way to score the best pool builder loans on the market for your customers. You know that traditional bank loans come with a lot of strings attached, and some loan places can be less than reliable. 

But you also have a significant number of clients who need funding to build that dream swimming pool. So, what’s a pool builder to do?

Luckily, our HFS Financial team is the expert when it comes to pool builder loans and your clients. And scoring pool builder loans is actually a lot more straightforward than you might think for both you and the client. Let’s break it down. 

Partner with HFS Financial

The first step to being able to score those awesome pool builder loans for your clients is to partner with HFS Financial. The process is amazingly simple. All you need to do is contact our team to let us know you’re interested. 

The most efficient way to do this is through our contractor application. You simply fill in your contracting company’s information, let us know what kind of contractor you are, and then you can expect us to contact you. Bada bing, bada boom. 

Once you’ve been approved, you can install the official HFS Financial widget onto your website. And that’s where your clients can get the pool builder loans they need to get you to work on their dream pool. 

Benefits of Working with HFS Financial

The beautiful thing about any swimming pool loan option from HFS Financial is that you can expect industry-leading loan terms. Our options are personal loans that require no money down, no appraisal, and offer up to 120% financing — all good things for your clients. 

But what about you, the contractor? We’re glad you asked. 

HFS loans also fund upfront, directly to the consumer, which means they become just like cash buyers to you. You can be confident that your client has the amount they need from the beginning to compensate you for your work. 

Plus, there’s no stage funding. You don’t have to sit around waiting for the next stage of funding to come through. You can do what you do best: build pools. 

How to Get Your Clients on Board

But how do you let your clients know you offer financing for the best pool builder loans around? That part is pretty simple too. 

Our biggest recommendation is to let every client you speak with know that you offer contractor financing through HFS Financial. Not every client will need the financing, but there’s a significant chance that there are more clients than you think who do need to score a pool builder loan through you. 

And how can they do that if you don’t let them know it’s an option?

Our advice? Add this information to your initial client meetings and consultations with no exceptions. Even if your client says they don’t need financing, still mention that it’s an option because you never know when circumstances may change.  

At the contractor resource center on our website, you can find fliers and more to share with your clients. That way, you’ll know they have all the information they need to make the best decision. 

Score Pool Builder Loans with HFS Financial 

So, the bottom line here is that you can score those pool builder loans you and your clients need by partnering with HFS Financial for the best home improvement loans around. You can expect excellent loan options funded straight to your client so you can build them the swimming pool of their dreams. 

If you’ve already partnered with our HFS Financial team, remember to inform every potential client about their financing options. And if you’re not already partnered with HFS, today is the day. Contact us to get started. With HFS Financial, “Orange is the New Green.” You Dream It, We Finance It. 

How Can I Score Pool Builder Loans?

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