How Does a General Contractor Offer Finance Options?

How does a general contractor offer finance options?

As an experienced contractor, you’ve undoubtedly bumped into this situation before. A new client receives your bid for their home improvement project. But once they receive the bid they determine to either scale back on the project or even break it up into multiple phases. However it plays out, neither outcome is ideal for your company. Contractors can get ahead of the game by having options available for their clients. If you’re wondering, “How does a general contractor offer finance options?”, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Advertise On Your Website

For most people, the internet is a go-to resource when searching for anything. This includes the search for contractors. You’ve already taken steps to grow your business by establishing a solid online presence. Make sure that you’ve got the most important information available to those who are searching — and that includes financing!

As potential clients land on your website, be sure that it clearly advertises the fact that you offer financing options for home improvement projects. If they weren’t already sold on the services you offer and the glowing reviews, financing options could be their deciding factor. 

Before Your First Consultation 

Many times clients have no frame of reference for the true cost of a home improvement project. This causes problems if and when they realize that their dream project isn’t something they can afford at the moment. 

Once a consultation has been scheduled, send your client an email that notifies them of financing options. This will allow them to know what’s available, how to explore more project possibilities, and be prepared for the rest of the home improvement process. 

After The Consultation

After your initial consultation and assessment of the proposed project, your bid will be sent to the client. Use this opportunity to reiterate the options available to them for financing. This will help to remind them that no matter the scope of the home improvement project, there are ways for them to obtain the necessary financing. 

Streamline The Process With HFS Financial

There are many ways to offer financing to clients. Some of them include more up front costs to contractors, such as a contractor line of credit. But why deal with the red tape when you can find a hassle free solution? HFS Financial makes it easy to offer financing to customers. With HFS Financial, you can remove yourself from the middle of the process and connect your clients with financing options that suit their needs. You simply point them in the right direction, and let HFS Financial pair them with the loan that works best for their home improvement project. You’ll receive your project payments without delay, and your customers will be thrilled with how easy the process is!  

You’re busy running your contractor business. You don’t have time to wonder, “How does a general contractor offer finance options?” Whether your customers are looking for new roof financing or how to pay for a new pool, let us take care of this part. Filling out a quick, 60-second application is all it takes for your customers to get started! For many years, HFS Financial has been in the home improvement financing business. Give us a call today at 1-800-254-9560 to get started on the best contractor financing for customers. “You Dream It. We Finance It.”


How Does a General Contractor Offer Finance Options?

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