How General Contractor Businesses Can Win More Customers by Offering Financing

client and general contractor shake hands over financing decision

General contractor businesses that offer customer financing attain and retain more customers. The logic behind this is simple. Customers who need home improvement work weigh the cost of paying out of pocket against the cost of waiting to do that amazing project they’ve been dreaming of. Often, they will not feel comfortable using the cash they have save up on a desired improvement. Many prefer to pay in installments and keep that cash cushion in their bank accounts. If you partner with HFS Financial, you get your money up front while your customer pays their loan back on an extended schedule.

Customer Financing for Contractors with Less Hassle

As far as helping your customers finance their projects, you could do it yourself, but…

This involves a lot of extra work on your end. From cash out of pocket for your business to hiring staff to take care of the administration of in-house loans, there are a lot of components involved in offering financing. This requires resources, especially time, that interfere with the work you do at the job site. Instead, trust your contracting financing to the best! HFS Financial has an excellent reputation, and we’ve been doing all these things on behalf of general contractor businesses for years. All you have to do is introduce your customers to HFS Financial, and we’ll take care of securing the financing they need.

We Handle Finance for Contractors with Care

Your customer is our customer and will be treated as such. We are happy to help with financing almost ANY home improvement project. We can help people find loans that fit their needs, with great rates and terms.

Don’t Be Shy, Contractors: Offer Customer Financing and Gain More Jobs

Rather than wait for your customer to ask about financing, let them know it’s on the table up front. Don’t assume they know it’s an option. Many customers may be on the fence about spending the money they have put back. Perhaps they simply haven’t considered financing options.

When you have our handy widget right on your website, it’s so easy to direct them to HFS Financial for their financing options. This might just give them the confidence and self-assurance they need to enthusiastically jump in on that job you’re proposing. You have sold them on the quality of your work. When you partner with us, we’ll sell them on the ease with which we can help them finance their home improvement project.

We’ll Make It Easy for You, Too

With our no staged funding option, your customer can get their cash upfront before the job even begins. That way, you can work out a payment schedule with them and bypass the hassle of other loan processes — especially the dreaded inspection process for the release of the next round of funding. We will keep you updated on the customer’s loan status. If you have any questions, you can contact your personal Contractor Success Manager. We also offer marketing materials that will make it that much easier to direct your customers to us for help.

Call us at 1-800-254-9560 or contact us using our handy online form to apply for your partnership today. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

How General Contractor Businesses Can Win More Customers by Offering Financing

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