The General Contractor Business’s Guide to Dominating the Competition in Your Market

A general contractor uses a level tool to complete the construction of a cinder block wall as part of his general contracting business.

We all want our business to do well — to thrive, even. But what if your business could completely dominate all the other competition? That’d be the epitome of success, right? We think so. We can’t necessarily guarantee that will happen for you, but there are definitely some strategies you can utilize to tip the scales in your favor. Here’s the general contractor business’s guide to dominating the competition in your market. 

Have a Killer Contractor Website

A general contractor in the background behind a screen presses the screen that says "under construction" to indicate that the general contractor business website is being built.
A great website can lead to a successful general contractor business.

One of the first strategies for dominating the competition in your market as a general contractor is to make sure you have a killer website. 

That means making sure your website is:

  • Up to Date 
  • Functional
  • Informative 
  • Easy to Navigate 


When you set out to build your website, there are some general guidelines for what every general contractor business needs in a website. Some of those guidelines include making sure your contact information is always visible and available, and that your website includes high-quality images of your work. 

You’d be surprised how many general contractors’ websites are sub-par, have no images, no information, or how many contractors don’t even have websites at all. Making sure your website is not only functional but high-quality will set you apart from the competition. 

In today’s internet-dependent world, a website is a necessity for the success of your business. Educating yourself on the need for a contractor business internet presence should be one of your highest priorities, which leads us to our next point. 

Pay Attention to Your Contractor Business’s Google Rankings

A general contractor business owner checks his computer screen while on a break during a project. His table is covered with tools and plans.
A successful general contractor business is aware of its online presence.

Another key to dominating the competition is staying aware of your general contractor business’s Google rankings. In the general contractor business’s guide to Google rankings, we talk a lot about how you can influence where your business shows up in Google’s search results. The harsh reality of internet searches is that people rarely, if ever, even look at the websites listed past the first two or three results. If your business is not listed on the first page, you can pretty much forget about gaining business from someone searching for a contractor through Google. 

Getting your business page to rank in the top Google results in your area has a lot to do with the quality of your website. Google uses a tool to “crawl” the information on your website. The crawlers determine what your site is about. Then they suggest your site when it’s applicable according to a user’s search terms. That means your website needs to be optimized with certain keywords that suggest to Google that you’re the best general contractor in all the land. So, your takeaway here is that your website matters. Invest the time and money to learn about Search Engine Optimization and see your business rise to dominate the market in your area. 

General Contractor’s Online Business Reviews

A general contractor business owner wearing a hard hat check his tablet device.
Check the online reviews for your general contractor business.

And while we’re still discussing your contractor business’s online presence, you can use those online business reviews to your advantage. You may find yourself asking, Why are online reviews important to General Contractor Businesses?” One reason is because they can help your business rank better on Google’s search results. But they can also actually reveal areas of improvement that you can then address. You’re only as strong as our weakest area, so a negative review, while painful, can actually make you better. Make sure you’re reading and attending to your online reviews, so that you can know what your clients are saying and thinking about your business. 

A negative review can allow you to see your weak points and make them stronger. One of the easiest ways to dominate your competition is to just be better than the other guy. One way to be better is to constantly be improving. So, embrace the negative, make adjustments, and dominate the competition. 

Value Your Clients

A general contractor business owner explains a building project to two clients on the building site. They are in the background while there is scaffolding visible in the background.
A good general contractor business owner will value their customers.

Moving on from your online presence to more practical, boots-on-the-ground applications, we recommend a focus on customer service in order to successfully dominate the competition. Your customers are always people who deserve respect and consideration at a minimum. As the professional in the situation, that burden is on you. While you don’t have to bend over backwards for every request, there are some great strategies that we discuss in the general contractor business’s guide to professional customer service

You’ll always have those tough customers, but you should never compromise your own integrity as a professional. Sometimes that’s easier said than done, but it’s a worthy cause. Maintaining professional integrity and professional customer service is another strategy that can pay off in the long run to help your contractor business move toward dominating the competition. 

Offer Contractor Financing to Your Customers

A man wearing a red flannel shirt holds out a pink piggy bank.
Contractor financing can help ensure that your general contractor business is successful.

And last but not least, you can absolutely dominate the competition in your market by offering general contractor financing to your clients. Did you know that general contractor businesses can win more customers by offering financing? It’s true. Contractor financing is overall just an easier process than just about any other financing option your clients might have available to them. 

Think about it. Some of your clients are looking for options to get their next home improvement project or repair complete. It’s not uncommon for potential clients who need funding options to scroll through general contractor websites or social media pages just to gather information and do their research. If they see that your general contractor business offers contractor financing, then you are meeting the needs they have twofold. And better still, if you’re the general contractor in the area who does offer contractor financing and the others do not, guess who just edged ahead of the competition. You. 

In so many areas of owning your own general contractor business, there’s not a lot you can control. But if you’re looking to dominate the competition, there are some strategies that you just have to consider that might give you that edge you’re looking for. The biggest edge you have is offering contractor financing through HFS Financial. Partner with our team today. Funding options from HFS Financial make your clients essentially cash buyers. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.” 

The General Contractor Business’s Guide to Dominating the Competition in Your Market

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