How to Check References and Reviews Before Hiring a Fencing and Decking Contractor

An older couple sits at their kitchen counter looking at a laptop computer to check reviews and references for a fencing and decking contractor.

When you need to hire a fencing and decking contractor, it is an absolute necessity to check references and reviews. These days especially, it’s easier than ever for someone to create a false sense of security online. But the good news is that it’s also easier than ever to check a multitude of references and reviews before you ever hire your fencing or decking contractor in the first place. 

Let’s take a deep dive into how to check references and reviews before hiring a fencing and decking contractor. You’ll be glad you did, and you’ll end up with a better outcome in the end. 

Check Your Fencing and Decking Contractors’ Websites

One of the first places you can look to start vetting your potential fencing and decking contractor is their own website. You’ll be able to tell pretty early on in your research whether the contractor is forthcoming about reference information or not. 

Many contractors will have customer reviews and references on their homepage. This is a good sign because it indicates that they value their reputation. On the other hand, you should consider it a red flag for a contractor if their website contains zero information about client reviews or references. 

A contractor’s website is a good place to start, but don’t stop your research there. You need to dig a little deeper. 

Ask Your Fencing and Decking Contractor for References

One way to dig a little deeper is to ask your potential fencing and decking contractor for references. You can reach out by phone or email. A good contractor will have references on hand and won’t blink twice at your request. A shady contractor might balk a little at your request, and that’s an indication you might want to move on. 

Transparency and honesty are the qualities you want in your contractor. So, keep looking until you find one who has some solid references. No one is perfect, but a skilled fencing and decking contractor will have past work to prove his or her worth. 

Find Online Reviews About Your Contractor

Speaking of those imperfect reviews, you’ll want to seek out a more neutral online space than a contractor’s own website to find any negative reviews. Websites like Yelp or HomeAdvisor are sites that are dedicated to holding space for reviews, both good and bad. You should be able to find any contractors you’d like to check out on one of those sites or on a platform like Facebook or Google. 

When you come across any review, take it with a grain of salt, but do pay attention to the overall positive or negative response you see from the reviews. 

Negative reviews can be a great way to see what issues may have come up on other home improvement jobs. And they also provide an opportunity for you to see how the contractor responds since some of these sites allow the contractor to interact with reviews. 

If the contractor hasn’t responded to any negative reviews, reach out and ask. These small interactions before you’re under contract can tell you more about how that fencing and decking contractor may act once you’ve hired them. 

And if the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, then that’s a green light! We’d still recommend reaching out to see if that perfect contractor is actually real or not. 

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How to Check References and Reviews Before Hiring a Fencing and Decking Contractor

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