3 Documents You Should Always Provide Your Fencing and Decking Business Clients

A fencing and decking business contractor uses a compound miter saw to cut boards for his latest deck build.

Your fencing and decking business is your livelihood. So, naturally, you want to make sure it’s thriving. Operating with integrity and organization can help a thriving business become your reality. So, what are some things you can do to ensure that your business is operating optimally? For starters, you can prioritize professionalism and organization. One way to do that is to provide proper paperwork and documentation to every client, everytime. Which documents? We’re glad you asked. Here are three documents you should always provide your fencing and decking business clients.   

An Estimation of Costs for You Decking and Fencing Business

When it comes down to it, most people who hire your fencing or decking contractor services will need to know what kind of money they need to spend. That’s where your cost estimation (and contractor financing option) comes into play. Ideally a detailed cost estimate list will include both hard and soft costs. Hard costs being the actual construction and labor costs and such while the soft costs would be more like permits and fees. 

Providing your cost estimation to your clients gives them a good idea of what their final costs will be. And being detailed helps your customers see your honesty and integrity in play. Running your business that way has the potential to lead to return customers and future recommendations. Plus it helps you run more efficiently and smoothly when you’re organized. 

Contractor’s Construction Schedule

Along the same lines, you should also provide a generalized construction schedule for your clients. Much like cost estimations, a construction schedule is another kind of estimation. You’ll be giving a general timeline for the beginning to end of your project. You’ll want to outline the different phases of construction and give a little bit of information about what each phase of your project entails. 

The fencing and decking contractor’s construction schedule gives your client a good idea of what to expect and when. This document just makes sure that everyone understands the scope and duration of the project. It prevents misunderstandings and unrealistic expectations on the part of your client, and it can help you to stay on track and communicate openly with everyone involved. 

Client Contract

And the most important document you’ll provide from your fencing and decking business, hands down, is the contract. The client-contractor agreement outlines every aspect of the project and requires that both parties sign their understanding. Your contract protects both you and your client by putting into writing almost every fathomable part of the project. That way, if and when there are misunderstandings or confusion, both you and your client will have the contract to refer to. 

Ideally, you’ll have the same contract for every client unless there are extenuating circumstances. You should sit down together to go over each section, and then you should both have signed and initialed copies. Your contract is your lifeline when the unexpected happens. 

Contractor Financing with HFS Financial

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3 Documents You Should Always Provide Your Fencing and Decking Business Clients

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