How to Make More Money During the Off Season

contractor work during off-season

Are you looking for ideas on how to make more money during the off season? You are not alone. Contractors have a slow season just like so many other businesses experience. There are still ways to keep yourself and your crew busy, even if the majority of your work is taking place indoors. HFS Financial specializes in home improvement loans. We stay busy with all of the home improvement projects that homeowners dream up year round. Here are some ways to keep your cash flow moving when the weather limits your outdoor work possibilities.

Listen to Loyal Customers

First, having loyal customers is important for your business’s success. Communicating with your customers — past and present — is crucial for many reasons. During the off season, you should listen to those loyal customers. Ask your customers what they need to have done. Then be willing to complete those tasks if at all possible.

Perhaps snow removal is a necessity in your area. Maybe you have several customers who are interested in having help decorating the outside of their houses for the holidays. Figure out which of these tasks is worth your time, and enjoy staying busy, even with odd jobs. 

Strengthen Skill Sets

Next, you want to continue to think outside the box when it comes to things that you and your employees can tackle when the workload is slower. Installing pools, adding rooms to houses, and putting on new roofs might have to wait. So why not market your services for indoor remodeling or renovating during the off season?

Customers are spending more time inside during the colder months also. That means they will be seeing the areas of their home that need a facelift more often. When they are ready to remodel their kitchen, make sure that you’ve marketed your company for that type of job. Maybe some bathroom remodeling becomes urgent because of some frozen pipes. Your company can take care of that also as you strengthen skill sets together.

Perfect Painting Prowess

Another thing that homeowners will be sure to notice as they spend more hours at home is the need for a new coat of paint throughout their house. Once you start painting and have satisfied customers, the word will spread. Your customers will then recommend your painting skills to their family and friends. Indoor painting is a great way to have steady work during the off season. 

Brighten Up Basements

Need one more idea for how to make money during the off season? A home improvement project that is becoming very popular for homeowners is to brighten up their basements. 

There are all kinds of ways that a basement can be used. A guest bedroom or two, a man cave, a playroom, a family room, a game room… The possibilities are endless. Indoor upgrades like this are a great way to get your company through the off season.

When you win bids for any of these home improvement dreams, remember to send your customers to HFS Financial for their contractor financing. Anyone can inquire about any home improvement loan in just 60 seconds. Or call us at 1-800-254-9560 to get the application process started. “You Dream It, We Finance It!”

How to Make More Money During the Off Season

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