Licensed, Insured and Bonded: The Scary Pitfalls of Hiring an Unqualified Door and Window Contractor

Licensed, Bonded and Insured Door and Window Contractor

Is the door and window contractor you plan to use licensed, insured and bonded? While many people seek out professionals who can tackle these projects with ease and bring their vision to life, it’s also important to find someone that has the experience and professionalism to complete the work. HSF Financial wants to make sure you get the help you need, whether that’s door contractor financing or just some help making a wise decision about who does the work.

Consider the Risks of Not Hiring a Qualified Door and Window Contractor

Hiring an individual that lacks proper licensing, insurance, and bonding can lead to numerous complications. A business license, for example, helps ensure the company has registered with the city. While each city’s rules are different, many take steps to verify the company’s insurance coverage and other qualifications. In some areas, especially after storms roll through and create extensive damage to an area, unlicensed contractors may swoop in to help, doing poor quality work or taking deposits and leaving the state.

Poor insurance coverage creates a significant concern as well. If an employee of the company is hurt on the job site and they lack proper workers’ compensation coverage, you, as the property owner, may be liable. More so, you want to be sure they have insurance in place to ensure they back up their workmanship. Should a glass door fall and shatter after they install it, you want to know they can replace it. Bonding is another way to make sure the company will make repairs as needed if there’s a problem with the door later.

Licensed, Insured and Bonded – How to Know They are Qualified?

What should you look for, then, when hiring a team? How do you know if the door and window contractor is licensed, insured and bonded?

Ask the contractor to see documentation that supports their claims of being licensed, insured and bonded. You can do this by simply contacting the company and asking to see specific documentation of insurance coverage. It’s worth doing so.

Also, call your city’s building department to find out if the contractor is registered with the city. That can give you a bit more peace of mind knowing the work is going to be done by a local company that has local ties. 

It is also helpful to talk to the company about other work they have done in the area. Ask for references you can verify. Then, reach out to those individuals for a bit of help.

Get Window and Door Contractor Financing from a Trusted Company, Too

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Licensed, Insured and Bonded: The Scary Pitfalls of Hiring an Unqualified Door and Window Contractor

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