Offer ADU Financing with HFS

A tiny home sits nestled at the edge of a wooded area. The owners were able to use ADU financing from HFS Financial.

You may find that your clients are looking to expand their properties in new and interesting ways, including the addition of an accessory dwelling unit or ADU. Now they’re coming to you as their general contractor to get the job done. 

Do you know what else you can offer besides high-quality construction work and a perfectly built ADU for your client? ADU financing with HFS Financial. 

There are some things to know and some things you might want to encourage your clients to consider when it comes to ADU financing through HFS. So, let’s take a look. 

Offer ADU Financing for All Clients

The thing about offering ADU financing is making sure that your clients know you offer ADU financing. Communication is key in all aspects of life, but especially in the world of building — you know this. Making sure you understand what your clients want is paramount to your success, and the same is true when it comes to offering ADU financing with HFS. 

The approach that our team recommends is basically a blanket approach. Mention that ADU financing (and financing for virtually any home improvement project) is an option for all of your clients. Make it part of the general information you give about yourself, and you’ll never forget to let a client know. 

If a client isn’t interested, they don’t have to inquire. But if a client who needed financing didn’t already know you offered it, they do now. And that could make you a more appealing option to build their ADU. You might be surprised to learn that more clients will take advantage of the awesome benefits of contractor financing through your partnership with HFS Financial

Make Sure Your Clients Know the Limits of Financing

There is one important tidbit of information that you and your clients need to be aware of before you begin your ADU financing journey. 

Any accessory dwelling unit must be built on the property owner’s land. You won’t be able to offer ADU financing for a building that isn’t on the homeowner’s primary residence property. So, you’ll want to make sure that you communicate that properly, just so everyone’s on the same page. 

Make Certain Your Clients Don’t Limit Themselves

When it comes to ADU construction, there’s a pretty extensive list of buildings you can construct that would qualify as an ADU and, therefore, ADU financing. So, it might be worth discussing ADU options with any client who expresses interest in building one. 

There’s a large portion of the population who are currently interested in building ADUs for income properties like tiny homes or apartment garages. That may be the type of ADU you typically think about when you’re discussing an accessory dwelling unit. 

But there are a lot more options

Your clients can build art studios, home gyms, and pool houses that would fall under the umbrella of being an ADU. Even a man cave or office space would fit the bill, so ADU construction is a wide offering you can make to your client base. 

Keeping the lines of communication open with all of your clients about how they can improve their property with an ADU is a great way to bring in more income for your business and help your clients at the same time. 

HFS Financial Offers the Best Financing Options

Since you’re already offering the best home improvement financing options through HFS Financial, make sure you’re taking advantage of your partnership. Tell your clients about ADU financing, and then tell them again. 

And if you’re not already partnered with HFS Financial, make the leap today. Apply for your no-cost partnership today. You can offer amazing home improvement loans to each of your clients and bring in even more business. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.” 

Offer ADU Financing with HFS

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