Contractor Financing for ADUs

A tiny home built with contractor financing has grey siding and many windows. It sits nestled at the edge of wooded land.

Offering contractor financing opens up your business to a whole lot of possibilities that you wouldn’t have otherwise. And HFS Financial is the best company to partner with hands down. Did you know that we now offer contractor financing for Accessory Dwelling Units? It’s true. And it’s a great way to bolster your contracting business. Let’s talk more about Accessory Dwelling Units and how you can (and should!) offer contractor financing for them. 

What is an Accessory Dwelling Unit?

An Accessory Dwelling Unit, or ADU, is a residential building that is added onto a homeowner’s existing residential building or a separate dwelling that’s on the same lot. There are a lot of different kinds of buildings that qualify as an ADU. 

An Accessory Dwelling Unit can be an actual add-on to a home like an apartment over an existing garage or a granny flat that’s connected to the original home, but is its own, self-contained living space. An ADU can also be a stand-alone dwelling like a tiny home, as long as the physical structure is on the same lot as the original home. 

Basically, an ADU is an extra residential space that homeowners can use for guests and family members on their property. And you can build it and offer financing for it. 

Contractor Financing for Accessory Dwelling Units

An elderly woman smells red tulips with her grown granddaughter. They may consider contractor financing for an Accessory Dwelling Unit.
Contractor financing can help families build ADUs for their family members.

As a contractor who offers financing, you’ll be able to make it possible for clients and potential clients to get the ADUs they need. Oftentimes, ADUs end up being necessities because of family situations or other unforeseen circumstances. By offering contractor financing for families who need it, you open your business to a larger client base. You will end up not only meeting a need but growing your business as well. 

And that’s not the only benefit of offering contractor financing for Accessory Dwelling Units. You may actually book more clients, but you’ll also be expanding your offerings as a contractor and growing your skill set. The potential for so much business growth is present when you decide to offer ADU financing.

Partnering with HFS Financial to Offer Contractor Financing for ADUs

It might sound intimidating to get started with contractor financing, but the reality is that it’s super simple and straightforward. All you need to do is contact our HFS Financial team to fill out our contractor application. From there, our team will contact you after approval and get you set up with the HFS Financial widget for your website. Your clients can see that you offer contractor financing, and they’ll be able to click on the link and get in touch with our team.

There are no contractor fees, and all loan options through HFS Financial fund 100% up-front. That’s good news for you, because when you’re building that new Accessory Dwelling Unit for your customer, you don’t have to wait on any stage funding. That makes you a faster contractor. And your customers will love that! 

So, don’t wait any longer to make the best business decision of your life. Get started today with contractor financing from HFS Financial. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

Contractor Financing for ADUs

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