The Deck and Patio Business’s Guide to Smart Hiring

deck & patio contractor's guide to smart hiring

In an ideal world, a deck and patio contractor always has the right amount of skilled team members for any project that comes up. However, we all know that this is often not the case. Employees come and go for many different reasons. As you work to provide stunning decks and patios that seem to be ever in demand, you will often find yourself needing to hire new team members. HFS Financial is here to give helpful tips for all sorts of things that deck and patio contractors encounter on a regular basis. Here’s the latest on the deck & patio business’s guide to smart hiring.

Diligently Detail the Description of the Deck and Patio Job 

First, you want to diligently detail the description of the job at hand. An accurate job description is important for getting the applicants that you are looking for. Clearly outline the skills and experience that are required for the position. Be sure to include information about the benefits and pay you are offering as well. By including this pertinent information from the start, you can help narrow down your search more quickly.

Delegate Duties if Your Time is in Demand

Next, enlist help with the hiring process, if necessary. No one understands the fact that a contractor’s time is valuable like a contractor does. You may be too busy to take the time that is needed to begin sorting through applications and then to start following up with interviews. If your time is in demand, then delegate these duties to someone on your team that you can trust with this important process.

Whoever is helping you start the hiring process can keep you informed along the way. This gives you the opportunity to still be a part of the actual hiring without having to exhaust yourself with preliminary interviews that lead to dead ends. When it is time for final interviews with potential candidates, then you can be a part of those meetings and decide how to proceed from there. 

Determine to Hire for the Long Term

Finally, there is one more tip from the deck & patio business’s guide to smart hiring. Determine to hire employees who are going to be staying with your company for the long haul. Hire with pay that is comparable with deck & patio jobs in the current market. Let employees know how they can advance in your company as well. Build a meaningful relationship with your employees so they will not have a need to look for employment elsewhere.

Effective communication is a key element that many companies lack. Potential employees should know from the beginning that your company is one that is unified. From safety procedures to site expectations, everyone needs to be informed about proper protocol in any given situation. Stay in touch with your team by having regularly scheduled team-building meetings as well. 

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The Deck and Patio Business’s Guide to Smart Hiring

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