3 Ways Deck and Patio Businesses Can Keep Costs Down without Sacrificing Quality and Customer Service

deck and patio contractor building a deck

As a deck and patio contractor, you are always trying to balance the need to keep costs down while providing exceptional customer service. Contractors who specialize in deck and patio creations are entering one of the busiest seasons of the year. Homeowners are feeling the urge to be outside. Naturally they need a deck or patio added to their yard to use for endless hours of outdoor leisure. And they want to find a contractor to do the work that is affordable and offers excellent customer service. But with the rise in construction costs, it’s now more important than ever to be vigilant. Here’s 3 ways deck and patio businesses can keep costs down without sacrificing quality and customer service.

HFS Financial works with contractors nationwide to care for their customer’s home improvement financing needs. We have close to six decades of experience in the personalized loan service industry. Here are some helpful things that we’ve learned which can keep costs down without altering your customer’s pleasant experience.

Clarify Change Orders in Deck and Patio Contracts

First, work to clarify the stipulations for change orders in the contracts that your customers sign in agreement to hire you. Make sure that you have clear information about what will happen if a customer decides to change the design or the materials after construction has begun. 

If you do not make provisions for these inevitable changes in writing, then you could easily be eating the costs that you did not anticipate. Ensure that the contract says the customer is responsible for last-minute changes to help you avoid overspending when those things happen. Customers appreciate excellent communication from the get-go. And this is another way to give the great customer service experience they desire.

Enhance Efficiency of Equipment and Employees

Next, always be looking for ways to enhance the efficiency of your equipment and employees. Research excellent power tools thoroughly. Then decide which ones will be an asset to your company as great investments that will repay you with all they can help accomplish. 

You build decks and patios on a regular basis. So, you know which method will be the least costly in time and tools. Don’t have three people do a job that one person and a great power tool can accomplish just as well. This is a great way to utilize all of your resources to their best advantage. And you won’t be spending extra or sacrificing quality or customer service in the process. 

Buy Wholesale and Buy in Bulk

The last of 3 ways deck & patio businesses can keep costs down without sacrificing quality and customer service is to shop smart. In other words, for the deepest discount, buy wholesale materials that you know will be used on every project. Establish a working relationship with wholesale distributors. Then you are saving money by avoiding chain home improvement stores that would need to mark up the merchandise. 

Buying in bulk is also a great way to keep costs down. As you line up various deck and patio jobs, make note of materials that are common in multiple projects. Then make one large order to get a better deal on your quality supplies. 

Now you know some easy ways to keep your costs down and your customers happy. You also need a proven process to keep your cash flow going. Partner with HFS Financial today for the best contractor financing for your customers. Your partnership allows you to offer financing at no cost and little effort to you — making your customers cash buyers for all their home improvement projects. Deck financing and patio financing are our specialty. Anyone can apply for their home improvement loan in just 60 seconds or call us directly at 1-800-254-9560. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

3 Ways Deck and Patio Businesses Can Keep Costs Down without Sacrificing Quality and Customer Service

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