The Door and Window Business Guide to Professional Customer Service

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Door and window businesses often have a lot of competition. It’s easy to see the big home improvement stores as competitors with deep pockets. However, with the right level of customer service, you can beat your competitors and provide service that helps you land projects and encourages those customers to tell their friends about your business. Door and window business plans for professional customer service should focus on these areas.

Doors and Window Business Strategies for Building Professional Customer Service

Consider what you appreciate when you visit a retailer or hire a contractor. Often, it’s the basics that matter the most (sometimes more than having the best price). Here are some tips.

  • Answer questions openly and honestly. Having access to a personal expert on doors and windows is attractive to customers. Treat them right by answering questions openly and honestly. Some questions are hard to answer, such as those concerning supply chain issues and shortages. Yet, it’s important as a door and window business to be open with your customers and help them find the best fit for their home.
  • Provide multiple connection points. Some customers want to talk over the phone. Others like email, chat boxes, or even social media connections. Your goal is to offer several ways for people to get in touch with you. When they contact you, document what they have to say as well, so you never forget a conversation.
  • Do what you promise. If you promise to get a quote in by the next day, do so. If you say you can get them help with a loan through your partnership in the home improvement lending industry, make that happen. The key here is not to overpromise.
  • Be friendly and personable. It’s always a good idea to treat people well. Know their name. Greet them with a smile. Pay attention to their needs. Show you care about their concerns. Be invested in their success with your project.
  • Know your product and services. Your customers are likely to have questions. Be sure your sales team has the ability to answer their questions about products, services, timelines, and even the window contractor financing you offer.

Make It a Point to Listen

When it comes to making decisions about high-end windows for their home or the right color for their front door, your door and window business staff must listen to your customers. Be sure to ask them questions that show them you’re listening and that you want to provide them with valuable information. If there is a concern, recognize that this problem is a real issue for your customers. As a result, you should listen to them, explain what you can, and find a way to do better.

Say “Thank You,” Too

It’s the simplest of things when you say “thank you” and it ensures professional customer service. Make sure that your customers know you value their business. Then, ask them to share their good experiences through online reviews or by letting their friends know about your business.

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The Door and Window Business Guide to Professional Customer Service

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