The Fencing and Decking Business’s Guide to Online Reviews

Fencing and Decking business man pondering online reviews

Online reviews can be an overwhelming concept to take on if you’ve not had a ton of experience. But don’t let that intimidate you. There’s a lot of valuable information you can learn from your own reviews. And there’s a lot of leverage you can gain from being involved with your online presence. But first, you’ll need to learn the ins and outs of how they work. Here’s the fencing and decking business’s guide to online reviews. 

Where Can a Fencing and Decking Contractor Find Online Reviews?

It’s actually pretty simple to find online reviews for decking and fencing contractors, so you don’t have to look too terribly hard. If you have a social media presence (and you should as a small business owner), then you may have already noticed some business reviews. Social media websites like Facebook do allow users to leave starred reviews online for business pages. 

Other websites or search engines like Google also provide online reviews for businesses, but the online review gold mines for decking and fencing contractors are sites like Yelp and HomeAdvisor, among others. 

These are the websites where you can go, claim your business, and interact with a wide variety of customers who are leaving you online reviews that may be good, bad, or ugly. 

What Can You Do About Online Reviews?

There are some good things about online reviews and there are some not so good things about online reviews. Online reviews are great because they give your contractor business a ton of free visibility. And, if your reviews are stellar, it can mean a lot of free advertising. 

Online reviews are not so great when you have a disgruntled customer who wants to smear your name. But you have options. 

Without engaging in online mudslinging, most online review sites give you the opportunity to engage with reviews. You can offer reasoning for a customer’s bad review. Or you could offer to make amends for a customer’s dissatisfaction that you didn’t know about. It’s wise to have a standard operating procedure when it comes to engaging with those negative reviews. That way you maintain professionalism and don’t get personally offended by someone’s comments. 

Give Them What They Want

A decking contractor builds a perfect deck which is why he has perfect online reviews. His materials and tools are stacked in front of him as he drills in another board.
Online reviews can help your work speak for itself.

And when it comes to engaging with those online reviews whether they’re good or bad, you have the opportunity to shine. Online reviews give you a great opportunity to display how reasonable and professional you are. You can basically give potential customers a sneak peak of how you handle your business and unfortunate occurrences. 

When people are looking for a decking and fencing contractor, they want to know that they’re getting a skilled professional. If you have great reviews and handle the few negative ones with poise and professionalism, that puts you ahead in the running. You have skills and customer service.

Give Them Contractor Financing

And when it’s all said and done, the tipping point for hiring you over another contractor might just come down to contractor financing options. You’d be surprised at how many people can actually benefit from contractor-supplied financing. If your potential clients see you offer financing, but your competitor doesn’t, it’s an easy decision. Don’t let another day go by without making sure that your customers have the best financing options available to them. 

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The Fencing and Decking Business’s Guide to Online Reviews

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