The Home Renovation Business’ Guide to Smart Hiring

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It truly takes a village to run a successful business. This is especially true for home renovation businesses. You have to rely on employees to give your company an excellent reputation (unless you want to be the one cutting every board and hammering every nail by yourself). If you need tips on how to find and keep the best employees, HFS Financial is here to help. 

Make a Smart Home Renovation Job Listing

Details, Details, Details

Make your job description very detailed so perspective employees know exactly what they are getting into. You don’t want to go through the trouble of checking referrals and scheduling an interview if they are going to say, “Actually, this isn’t the kind of job I thought it was.”

Post on Home Reno Job Websites isn’t the only career website out there. Look into career sites that specialize in construction jobs. There will be a narrower pool of candidates looking at construction job websites, but you know they will all be looking for jobs in your particular industry.

Promote Your Job Listing

Get your job listing out there! Post it on your website, your social media page, and even in your local newspaper. Don’t have a social media presence yet? Click here to learn about how to use social media to grow your home renovation business. 

Promote from Within Your Home Reno Business

Are you looking for a new site manager, safety officer, or other management position? Consider promoting your workers who have already proven themselves. Not only will this save you time and money hiring and training someone new, but other workers will see it and be motivated to work hard for a promotion themselves.

Ask Your Home Renovation Employees for Referrals

People who work in the home renovation industry tend to get to know each other. Ask your trustworthy employees if they know anyone who would be a good fit for your company. 

Prioritize Safety 

Include questions about safety in your interview (e.g., “What does safety on the jobsite mean to you?”). Additionally, make safety training an integral part of your onboarding process. You might hire good workers, but if they are often absent due to injuries, then you’ll be wishing you prioritized safety from the beginning. 

Visit this blog for more information about lowering workers’ comp costs for your business.

Start an Apprenticeship Program

No experience? No problem! When you start with a blank slate, you can train new employees to follow your rules and meet your expectations. You can also advertise your new apprenticeship program in places where young people might be looking for a career, like high schools or community colleges.

Hire HFS Financial to Provide Home Renovation Financing

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The Home Renovation Business’ Guide to Smart Hiring

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