Assessing the Costs of a New Pool

A luxurious in-ground swimming pool sits beautifully in the backyard of a lovely home. The costs of a new pool were worth it for these home owners.

The costs of a new pool may seem overwhelming at first thought, but the dream of diving into the crisp cool waters of your very own pool cannot be denied. 

While we can’t help you with hurrying up the transition to summer weather, we can help you realize your dream of pool ownership in time for those warm summer days. Let’s consider how to accurately assess the costs of a new pool and how HFS Financial can help you make that dream a reality.

The Costs of a New Pool

When it comes to assessing the costs of a new pool, there are several different factors to consider, and they’re all variable. Currently in 2022, the most affordable in-ground pools cost between $60,000-$70,000. If you’re looking for a more luxurious pool experience, you can expect that price tag to jump to more than $100,000. 

As we mentioned before, these numbers are general estimates at best. But our goal is to prepare you for what to expect as you prepare to make your dream pool a reality with swimming pool financing from HFS Financial

Consider Size and Depth Costs

When it comes to the costs of a new pool by size, a general estimate is around $125 per square foot. The deeper the pool, the more digging will be required, and the more expensive the pool will be. 

Size and depth are actually great places for you to make some adjustments for your personal needs and budget. 

You Have Different Materials Options

The most common materials for pool construction are currently concrete, fiberglass, or vinyl. Each has its own amazing positive points. Concrete and fiberglass are more expensive than vinyl but will last longer. 

Concrete offers the most versatility in terms of design, but if you want a custom design, you should expect the costs of a new pool to be even higher. Being educated about your material options gives you more control over your budget, and so does swimming pool financing through HFS Financial. 

Sanitation, Filter, and Heater Options for Pools

Although you may not have considered how you are going to sanitize or filter your pool, pool planning time is a great time to do so. Factoring in the cost of specialty systems into your pool construction is a great way to assess the total cost of your pool. Are you looking for a sanitation system like salt water that needs special equipment? Would you like an upgraded filter? Or is a heated pool on your list of must-haves this year. Pairing your perfect pool equipment with the premium pool financing you need is the best way to ensure that you get everything that you want in the perfect backyard space.

What About Extras?

And finally, you’ll want to consider the costs of any extras you might add on. There are plenty of extras you might want to make your pool experience complete. From fencing (which is required by law in most cases) to an outdoor patio, pool house, slide, in-pool sports, built-in hot tub, and more, there’s an array of ways to make your backyard pool the most wonderful space at home. 

There is really no limit to the extras you can add to your pool setup. This means it’s hard to judge how much extras will add to the cost of installation. But it’s safe to say that the more you add on, the more you’ll pay. However, the more you add, the more you’ll enjoy your pristine pool retreat, also.

The other side of that coin is that you can save money by forgoing unnecessary extras. So, consider the extras in your overall assessment of the costs of a new pool. 

Swimming Pool Financing with HFS Financial

When it comes to assessing the costs of a new pool, there are a ton of factors to consider, but they’re all worth it when you finally dive into the waters of your very own pool. And the best part is that HFS Financial is there for you when it comes to the swimming pool financing you need. 

Take a minute to fill out our 60-second inquiry form to get started on the process today. You’ll be building your dream pool just in time for the perfect swim. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

Assessing the Costs of a New Pool

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