The Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Contractor’s Guide to Google Rankings

Woman about to google for kitchen & bath remodeling contractors

What exactly is a Google ranking? And how do I help my contractor business receive a good ranking? These questions are asked frequently by kitchen and bath remodeling contractors. That is why HFS Financial is here to help with “The Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Contractor’s Guide to Google Rankings.” 

Our company has been around for nearly six decades. We are always looking to help contractors — not only by partnering with you to provide the best contractor financing for customers, but also by keeping helpful, relevant information on hand as well. Let’s take a brief look at what a Google ranking is and what a company like yours can do to improve your ranking.

What is a Google ranking?

First, let’s define a Google ranking. The Google ranking system is designed for a very useful purpose — to sort through a myriad of webpages finding information that is pertinent to a search that has been generated. For example, when a homeowner searches for “best kitchen & bath remodeling contractor,” Google uses a series of algorithms to quickly show its highest ranked pages with that information on it. 

To summarize, a company’s Google ranking is based on a summary of the relevant information that the searching web crawlers find on their web pages. The crawlers locate keywords and mark them for reference. Then all of the referenced information is used to build the various algorithms that are used in the process of ranking. 

Why do I need a good ranking?

Next, let’s talk about the importance of a good Google ranking. Keep in mind that when people are surfing the web, answers generate almost instantaneously. If they are looking for kitchen remodeling contractors in their area, you want your company name to be at the top of the list of possibilities. So, a good ranking is what a company needs to get the business that they want and need from online activity. 

How do I improve my ranking?

Finally, let’s talk about the how of the kitchen & bath remodeling contractor’s guide to Google rankings. Just how does a contractor improve their Google ranking? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is key to getting your company’s name out on the internet.

To start, your contractor’s website needs to be running smoothly in order to boost rankings. Be sure that all of your pages are working properly. The information on the pages also plays into the ranking. This is where keywords — small phrases, location words, etc. — come into play. You need to research the words that your site needs to use repeatedly on web pages and blogs in order to make the web crawlers happy. 

This side of running a business can be time consuming. You can always hire a marketing company that specializes in SEO growth and Google rankings. Talk to home remodeling contractors who have done this to see which company they recommend. 

Contractors and home improvement financing go hand in hand. This means that you want to include information about your financing options in as many places as possible on your website to further boost the Google ranking. Remind customers that they can contact HFS Financial directly at 1-800-254-9560 or take 60 seconds to inquire about financing options. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It!”

The Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Contractor’s Guide to Google Rankings

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