The Many Hidden Costs of Owning a Swimming Pool

hidden costs
Swimming pools are undoubtedly worth the effort and funds–but, sometimes, these costs can catch people off-guard.

Regardless of whether or not you’ve already got a swimming pool or if you’re planning on getting one, there are hidden costs that you need to be aware of.  Swimming pools are undoubtedly worth the effort and funds–but, sometimes, these costs can catch people off-guard.  It’s not always easy to predict exactly how much a pool with cost, as they’re all different, and come with varying features.  Read on to better prepare yourself for tackling these hidden costs.

Pool Materials


Depending on what material you use to construct your pool, and what features you’re adding, the costs of what you add really start to make a difference.  For instance, your heated pool will need different equipment to keep it running safely, which will cost more than an unheated pool.  And while this may seem obvious, not many consider this cost when thinking about installing a swimming pool.


Pool Accessories


We all know that pools need a skimmer net, or a vacuum to clean the bottom.  However, there are a few pool accessories that aren’t often considered.  For example, do you need a line that separates the deep end from the shallow end, for safety reasons?  Do you require extra filters, or a pool cover that retracts automatically?  Even pool toys can add up in cost, so keep that in mind.


Pool Maintenance


While this is often factored into budgets, there are always surprise issues that may pop up now and again.  You need to be prepared to completely replace your filter system in case something goes wrong.  Do you have a concrete bottom pool?  Be ready for cracks and unwarranted crumbling.  Yes, you need to care for the water quality and you need to clean the filters, but don’t forget how important it is to be prepared.


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The Many Hidden Costs of Owning a Swimming Pool

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