The Sunroom Builder’s Guide to Professional Email Communications

email communication

Have you ever done business with someone who was really bad at email communication? When a business owner uses unprofessional language, poor grammar, or takes days to respond, that may be the first thing a customer will talk about in their online review. At HFS Financial, we want to help your sunroom business grow bigger and better, so we’ve put together these tips for more professional email communication to help you stand out against the competition.

1. Respond Promptly to Email Communication

Humans are generally impatient beings. Having to wait an overly long time can lead to your client or potential client having personal frustrations with you that you may not expect.

2. Grab Attention in the Subject Line

The perfect email subject line is a summary of the content of the email in about 14 words or less. Try not to use “sales” language, because it might get your email relegated to the “junk” folder.

3. Customize Instead of Sending Mass Email Communication

When sending the same email to a large group of leads, take the time to send it to each person individually, putting their name at the top. You can save time and use a CRM system to automatically customize emails to leads.  Or, you can add a line talking about something that came up in an earlier conversation you had with them. This makes any email communication feel much more personal.

4. Keep Email Communication Brief

If you don’t get to the point quickly, your email might get deleted before they finish reading it. 

5. Keep it Formal

Refrain from slang, abbreviations or otherwise acting like you’re texting your best friend. People want you to be their go-to person for all things sunroom related. 

6. Keep it Friendly

While keeping it formal, try not to take it to the extreme. You don’t want to come off as cold or formulaic. Use some exclamation points here and there! Ask how their day is going. Tell them, “I hope you’re having a wonderful [insert season]!” 

7. Know How to Respond to Complaints

Knowing how to respond to someone’s complaint is key. Offer exceptional customer service and your sunroom business will boom.

8. Check and Double Check for Errors

If you’re not sure of the difference between “there,” “their,” and “they’re,” or “your” and “you’re,” take a moment to look it up. Sloppy grammar and spelling tend to put a bad taste in peoples’ mouths. 

9. Close it Nicely

Whether your tagline is “Best regards,” “Thank you for your time,” or “Until next time,” add it to your automatic email signature so you never forget to include a polite closing statement. Speaking of automatic email signatures, nothing looks more professional than having your company logo and/or picture included at the bottom.

While You Focus on Professional Email Communication, Leave the Financing to Us

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The Sunroom Builder’s Guide to Professional Email Communications

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