The Swimming Pool Business’s Guide to Google Rankings

swimming pool business's google rankings

The internet is frequently used when customers are searching for anything — from businesses to services and everything in between. For this reason, you want your swimming pool business to be high on the list that the search engines pull up when customers are searching for a company to build their pool. As a company in the home improvement financing industry, HFS Financial understands the importance of getting your company’s name to have a high Google ranking that will bring you business. Here is the swimming pool business’s guide to Google rankings to get you started.

Carefully Choose Keywords

First, you need to understand how Google helps businesses build their Google keyword ranking. As a search engine, Google has web crawlers that are constantly at work. These crawlers search countless internet pages very quickly to look for pertinent information. 

As they crawl, they are also taking note of keywords that customers search for on a regular basis. These searches are taking place on a swimming pool business’s website, blogs, and other means of advertising. When these crawlers find pertinent phrases, they make note of the pages and keep moving.

Pool business owners have to keep current with the vital keywords that their company needs to use heavily. For instance, customers might type in “how to find the perfect pool contractor.” Google knows what people are searching for on a regular basis. They then rank business by their use of these necessary keywords or key phrases — thus the term Google keyword ranking. By making great use of these important words, you are in turn building your company’s popularity in the world of SEO (search engine optimization). 

Include Location Lingo

Next, your company’s Google ranking position will also be based on the use of location lingo. This means that you want to put the name of your company and your location throughout all of your internet advertising as well. Homeowners are definitely going to search for “the best pool contractor near me.” When they do, you want to ensure that your business’s name will be at the top of the list.

Enlist Help from Marketing Experts

The swimming pool business’s guide to Google rankings wouldn’t be complete without mentioning this important tip. You can always enlist help from marketing experts to boost your Google rankings quickly. There are marketing companies that are designed solely to help businesses build their online presence. 

Partnering with professionals who fully understand SEO and Google rankings is a great investment. It frees you to simply do what you love: build pools. And it opens the doors for more potential projects to fill your schedule.

Mention Means of Financing

Finally, don’t forget to include keywords about your financing as you seek to improve your Google ranking. You want customers looking for “how to finance a swimming pool” to find your swimming pool business right away. 

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