3 Reasons You Should Build a Pool Deck

An above-ground pool is filled with pristine, blue water and surrounded by a beautiful pool deck.

The added expense of a pool deck for your pool-building process might seem overwhelming at first. But, when you’re investing in something like a pool, you’ll want to make the whole process worth your while. Size, shape, material, and location should all be perfect, so you can be confident that your hard-earned money is going into all the right places.

So, if you’re already spending time and money building your swimming pool, why not consider building a pool deck? These helpful additions will add to the appearance and functionality of your new pool, and you should never be skimping out on how your pool looks and functions.

Let’s discuss some reasons you might want to consider a pool deck. 

1. A Pool Deck Is Aesthetically Pleasing

Our first point for consideration is the overall aesthetic of your backyard oasis. A pool deck can do wonders for integrating your overall landscaping and incorporating your pool into your backyard oasis.  

Above-ground pools can be considered less attractive if you aren’t intentional about placement and design. They often can’t be placed into the ground due to landscaping issues, so they might appear out of place if they stand alone.  

But with a pool deck, you can surround the pool with beautiful design components like wood, plants, or decorative stone. Imagine how much more enjoyment you’ll get out of your pool when it’s integrated into a cohesive backyard presentation. You’ll simply be able to relax in your very own backyard refuge. 

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2. Functionality Is Important 

Are you planning on entertaining with your pool? A pool deck is a must-have. 

You’ll have plenty of space to spread out with pool chairs and to tan and relax. You can put all the typical deck adornments on a pool deck, too, like a grill or patio furniture. 

Parties will be easy and fun with a pool deck that surrounds your pool. Your guests won’t have to step in any grass or mud to get their ice-cold drink after a long day of swimming because you can use your deck to create the perfect party place.

And even if you’re not anticipating guests, a pool deck is simply practical. It provides the perfect place to store all of your necessary items like towels while you enjoy your relaxing swim. 

3. It’s Better for Your Lawn

Another reason you should build a pool deck is that it’s better for your lawn. Due to their construction, above-ground pools can cause some issues for lawns close by.  

The grass underneath your pool will die, so if you plan to remove it later, you’ll have a patch of dead grass that will be difficult to regrow. A pool deck adds permanence, much like an in-ground pool, so you can be encouraged to maintain your pool for the long term.  

Also, because of the splash element, above-ground pools can leave standing water around the edges. As you climb in and out, you will be trodding over the same patch of lawn over and over with wet feet, and pool chemicals can be hard on the grass. 

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Get Pool Financing with HFS Financial 

Since you’re already planning to install a wonderful above-ground pool option, you might as well go all in with a highly functional, beautiful pool deck. At HFS Financial, we will help you get the pool loan options you need for your pool and your pool deck. 

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3 Reasons You Should Build a Pool Deck

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