5 Pool Budget Tips for Making Your New Pool More Affordable

A family of four splashes in a pool while holding onto a yellow pool float. They optimized their pool budget.

Whether you’re building a new pool, remodeling a bathroom, or building an addition to your home, you have a budget you need to stick to. So when it comes to a pool budget, how can you stretch that budget further? 

The more you can stretch your pool budget, the better value you can get for your money, and the more satisfied you’ll be with your pool in the long term. Let’s consider some tips you can use to make your new pool more affordable. 

1. Don’t Get Hung Up on Size

In general, when people start planning their new pool, they plan for a larger pool than they need and a larger pool than they can afford. If you can cut down the size of the pool even by a little bit, you can save a good amount of the money you might need to finance your pool.
Plus, most people don’t even miss the extra size. You’d be surprised how much fun you can have in a smaller space. If you have kids, they’ll enjoy playing those classic pool games in a close space, and if you won’t be swimming with any kiddos, then you could even consider a cocktail swimming pool. 

2. Install a Bigger Patio Later

You’re going to want to install an initial coping/apron around the pool, but you don’t have to install the whole patio at once. It’s very easy to finish the installation of the patio later.
This puts off the cost of the patio until a later date. Spreading out pool budget costs is a great way to still get everything you want for your new pool without the shock of a big bill right up front. 

And if you’re getting your swimming pool financing through HFS Financial, you can always come back to get the extra funding for a patio when the time is right. 

3. Wait and See If You Need a Heater

Lots of homeowners choose to install a heater when their pool goes in, only to find that they don’t use it as much as they thought they would or that they should have installed a different kind of heater.

Use the pool for a season and then decide if you need a heater and what kind of heater is best for your needs. This is another great way to spread out the costs of your pool budget and stretch it further. Spend those pool finances on the actual pool. 

4. Wait Until the End of the Season to Install the Cover

If you want to get a retractable/automatic pool cover, wait until the end of the season to install it. You won’t need it during the summer months anyway, so why pay for it before you need it?
Waiting a couple of extra months can give you the wiggle room in your swimming pool finances that you need. 

5. Add the Plumbing for Water Features Now, but Wait to Install the Features

So you want a waterslide for your new pool but can’t fit it into the pool budget? Install the plumbing for the feature now but wait to install the feature itself. Taking care of the plumbing now will save you a lot of money when the time comes to install the slide itself.

And there’s good news, HFS Financial can also get you the pool financing you need to renovate your pool down the line.
So, get the swimming pool loan you need through HFS Financial for your pool today. And then, when you’re ready, and your budget allows, you can come back and get the pool financing options you need for those amazing water features you already planned ahead for. 

Build a New Pool with HFS Financial 

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5 Pool Budget Tips for Making Your New Pool More Affordable

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