Why Should You Include a Hot Tub With Your Pool?

hot tub in a pool
It may seem extravagant for a personal pool, but a hot tub within a pool is exactly the kind of interesting twist you may be searching for.

Have you ever wanted the luxury of a hot tub with all the fun and excitement that comes with a pool?  Perhaps your children want to play in the water while you’d rather sit back and relax.  Regardless, a hot tub within a pool is a style frequently seen in resorts and hotels.  For this reason it may seem extravagant for a personal pool; however, a hot tub within a pool is exactly the kind of interesting twist you may be searching for.  Read on to see why a hot tub in a pool is a cool, original design you should be investing in.

Never Far Away

While it is a bit self-explanatory, a spa within a pool is perfect because of its location.  It can take advantage of your pool’s circulation system, but it also is never far away, so you can switch between the two whenever you like.  It also means that you can enjoy your landscape during the winter, as well as pool season.  Cover the pool and utilize the spa when it’s cold outside.  There’s no need to let your thoughtfully-built landscape go underappreciated for an entire season!

More Affordable

Building an in-ground pool and then purchasing a spa can oftentimes cost you more money in the long run.  Because the spa is within the pool itself, it doesn’t require its own circulation system.  Maintenance, repair costs, and replacement costs are not doubled to account for two systems.  Also, because you’re already building an in-ground pool, the area for the spa is being prepared at the same time.  While it is an extra expense, this is the best time to plan for a spa within a pool.


A spa within your pool offers a whole new way to decorate your landscape.  You can design the spa to look like a cascading waterfall, or a number of other luxurious and fascinating elements.  It offers amazing design and hardscaping opportunities.  Use your imagination to plan the most interesting spa set-up!

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Now is the perfect time to start planning for your new swimming pool, spa or hot tub. Don’t delay; make 2016 the year your swimming vision becomes a reality!

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