4 Documents You Should Always Provide Your Kitchen and Bath Remodel Clients

A contractor looks over paperwork to know what four documents you should always provide your kitchen & bath remodel clients.

As a kitchen and bath remodeling contractor, it’s wise to be educated on just what documents you should always provide your kitchen and bath remodel clients. There can be a lot of documents involved in your run-of-the-mill renovation, and your clients may not be up to date. That means the burden falls on you as a responsible remodeling contractor. But that’s a good thing. It’s part of operating your contracting business with integrity and quality, and these documents go a long way toward protecting both you and your client. Needless to say, it’s just good business. So, let’s take a look at four documents you should always provide your kitchen and bath remodel clients. 

Show Your Remodeling Clients Your Contractor’s License

One of the first and most obvious things you should supply to your clients is your home remodeling contractor’s license. It’s important to keep in mind that your license is important for both you and your client. Providing your client with your license from the beginning shows your integrity and honesty up front. You can start off on the right foot and everybody stays informed. 

Provide Your Remodeling Clients a Master Schedule

The next document you need to be sure to provide is a master construction schedule. Paperwork is all about clear communication. Your master schedule will help to manage the expectations of your client and provide a good framework for how the project will ideally go. Of course, there will likely be changes to the schedule, but maybe not. You’ll need to communicate updated timelines in writing throughout the project, too. If something significantly changes regarding the schedule, your client needs to know. 

In your master schedule, be sure to break down the general timelines of each phase and your plan for completion. Include timing for building permits, resources, and any other pertinent information in your master schedule, too. 

Show Your Remodeling Clients Your Insurance & Bond Documentation

Make sure your client knows about your insurance and bond coverage, as well. Once again, these documents protect both you and the client. You need to be protected in the event of an accident. And the homeowner needs to know their property is protected if the unexpected happens. Remodeling contractors have a lot of moving parts in each project they complete, and no two projects are the same. Make sure everyone involved is protected, and that that protection is documented. 

Provide Your Contracting Clients with Contract Agreement Documents

And finally, it may seem obvious, but you should always draw up a written contract agreement and everyone should have a copy. You’ll include the majority of your paperwork in your contract in some way. Be sure to outline your cost estimates and every other little detail you may need in your contract agreement. It would also be wise to verbally go over your contract with your client in person and have both parties sign the documentation. 

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4 Documents You Should Always Provide Your Kitchen and Bath Remodel Clients

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