4 Vital Things to Know About Offering Pole Barn Financing

Offering pole barn financing is easy with HFS Financial.

You know that offering pole barn financing is a lucrative option for your general contracting business, but there are some vitally important things to know before you offer pole barn financing to your customers. 

Pole barns are an excellent investment, so you’ll want to encourage any clients who are interested to go ahead with their plans. But you’ll also want to make sure that they know some things before they proceed. Here are some vital things both parties need to know about offering pole barn financing. 

1. Pole Barns Must Be Built on Owner’s Existing Residential Property 

One of the most vital things to know about offering pole barn financing is that HFS Financial (and you) can only offer pole barn loan options for pole barns that are being constructed on the homeowner’s existing property where they currently live.

That means that you cannot offer pole barn financing for a pole barn to be built on commercial property or investment property. But if your client is looking to build on their residential property, then you can absolutely give them the green light.

2. Pole Barns Are Incredibly Sturdy

Pole barns are surprisingly sturdy, which is our next vital thing to know about offering pole barn financing. When your clients come to you to learn more about pole barn financing, you’ll want to be sure to let them know just how sturdy and durable these buildings are. 

Generally speaking, pole barns are constructed with the main support poles set six to eight feet into the ground encased in concrete. Additionally, the poles are treated to resist decay and can last for quite a long time. 

So, if you or your customers find yourself questioning the quality and integrity of a pole barn, you don’t have to. They’re built to state standards and designed with longevity in mind.

3. Pole Barns Are Wildly Versatile 

Another vital thing to know before you start offering pole barn financing is that pole barns are wildly versatile. Gone are the days when they were only used for hay or equipment storage. People are using pole barns for all kinds of different things today, and that makes them an amazing investment.

It also makes them a viable alternative option for more complex builds. 

Barndominiums are one example of just how adaptable pole barn builds can be. A barndominium is essentially a complete house that uses a pole barn as the outside framing structure. People are building pole barns, insulating them, and constructing homes within their walls, and the result is pretty impressive. 

So, whether your client is looking for simple hay storage, an auto garage space, or a complete home to be used as a pool house or granny flat, a pole barn and pole barn financing are an excellent choice for a lot of your clients. 

4. HFS Financial Loans Options Are Excellent for Pole Barn Financing

You know that HFS Financial can get your client’s personal loans for all kinds of home improvement projects including pole barns. Loan options require no money down, making them the perfect option for so many of your clients. And no stage funding makes your job exponentially easier. But your clients have to know about the benefits of their financing options. 

Make sure you mention offering financing to every client, regardless of how they’re planning to pay. They may need to finance another project, or they may opt for contractor financing to expand their project in fantastic ways. 

Either way, HFS Financial is perfect for so many clients to be able to afford their home improvement projects. If you’re not currently an HFS partner, it’s time to make it happen. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.” 

4 Vital Things to Know About Offering Pole Barn Financing

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