Can I afford a pier for my lake house?


Summer is almost here, you’ve got your dream lake house, and it has everything you’ve ever wanted — beautiful views, peaceful waters, and excellent fishing. But the one thing your paradise is lacking is a great pier. Whether you need to build one from scratch or fix a damaged one, having a pier opens space for parties, docking a boat, or even just laying out. 

HFS Financial can help you with a home improvement loan to get you the pier or whatever home project you’re longing for. 

How much does a pier cost?

The price range for a pier varies widely based on size, type, and materials. According to HomeAdvisor, you can expect a range between $15-$40 per square foot, with prefabricated piers as low as $1,200. Higher-end projects, however, go for as much as $50,000 to $75,000. 

For example, crib docks are permanent structures typically built for between $10,000 to $50,000. They also easily last about 50 years. Pipe docks are the cheapest, as they are prefabricated and cost around $1,200, but it may be more with installation.

You can make this as fun as you like, though, with a loan through HFS Financial. Adding things like a two-story pier complete with a slide for the kids and an outdoor fire table and patio set for the adults is completely doable with a personal loan. 

So, dream big and get exactly what you want when you build. This will ensure you are happy with your purchases for years to come. 

Will it increase my home’s value?

Not only do you improve the look and feel of your waterfront property with a custom pier, but you will also increase your home’s value by building one. 

The return investment on a floating system can be as much as $20,000. Docking systems also encourage and support fish habitats while preventing beach erosion — making them desirable to future home buyers.

Whatever the reason you are adding one, if you decide to sell in the future, potential buyers will pay even more to enjoy the benefits your pier provides. If done correctly, your pier could even pay for itself when selling your home.

What can I include in my pier loan?

There are many things to be included when building a pier. Things like patio furniture for lounging and fire tables to stay warm can be included. Slides for the kids can be a part of the deal. Even lifts for water recreation vehicles can be included. These are huge benefits to have as they help to protect your investments. 

You can also include fencing leading up to the pier if you like to help keep animals and children safe. The sky’s the limit. If you have something that may be questionable, you can ask one of our consultants on your phone call for further information. 

Ready to start building the pier of your dreams?

HFS Financial can help you get the loan you need quickly. Using our rate checker, you can receive a fast response as to whether or not you are pre-qualified for a personal loan. Our experts will reach out to you if you are pre-qualified to help walk you through the process from there. 

Make sure to include everything you may want with your dock in your plans and estimates as well. Things like patio furniture, fire tables, grills, slides, and lift equipment for your boats and water recreation vehicles can be included in your loan amount. No matter what home improvements you are looking to make this year, HFS can help make those dreams a reality. 

Take the plunge and apply today. HFS Financial is here to help. “You Dream It, We Finance It!” 


Can I afford a pier for my lake house?

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