The Health Benefits of Swimming

Owning a swimming pool isn’t just fun for the kids or a having a way to cool off in the summer. Swimming provides a myriad number of benefits for your body, giving you an easy and enjoyable way to improve your health and stay fit. HFS Financial is here with some of the biggest health benefits to owning a swimming pool.

Less is More

No aerobic exercise, outside of swimming, offers freedom from impact on your skeletal system. When you enter the water your skeleton is only bearing 10-25% of the weight of your body, freeing you from the constraints imposed by aching joints, stiff muscles and arthritis.

Build Muscle

A swimmer doesn’t just exercise one part of their body at a time; they’re moving every muscle through the water simultaneously, making every motion of the body a resistance exercise. That’s why one of the biggest health benefits of swimming is that it’s an ideal way to build muscle mass and increase tone.

Lose Weight

Since most exercises that burn calories do so through sweat, which occurs when the body heats up, it was long thought that, because water is cool, swimming was not an effective way to lose weight. There have been few ideas that have been proven to be so stunningly incorrect. Swimming is an incredible way to burn calories and lose weight, every ten minutes of freestyle swimming burns 100 calories, while the butterfly stroke sheds an impressive 150.

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The Health Benefits of Swimming

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