How Long Does a Swimming Pool Loan Take?

swimming pool loan

Did you know you can increase your home’s value by up to 7% when you install a swimming pool? You don’t have to have all the money saved up on your own to start your perfect pool planning. With a swimming pool loan from HFS Financial, you can be building your swimming pool in no time. 

You may find yourself asking critical financial questions like, “How long does a swimming pool loan take?” With HFS, your swimming pool financing doesn’t have to take long at all. After being approved, you can have your money in hand quickly. Don’t spend time waiting on payouts that come little by little. Make sure you have the funds to build the swimming pool of your dreams when you need it. 

What Is the Difference in Using a Dealer vs. HFS Financing?

Many swimming pool dealers can offer you a swimming pool loan option through them. Whether you use a pool builder who partners with HFS Financial, or you choose your loan through HFS Financial directly, you’ll be guaranteed to have the money you need upfront before your pool build begins. Our loan options also pay out quickly and at industry-leading times. You will receive this money upfront, saving both you and the contractor time and money because you can pay them without worrying about staged funding or money trickling in. 

How Much Should I Take Out in a Swimming Pool Loan?

Of course, the cost of installing a swimming pool will widely vary based on the size, type, and unique features. The average installation for an inground pool is around $40,000 for a basic inground pool. 

If you are looking for the extravagance of a truly custom pool with luxury features and the works, this could mean your pool is more in the $100,000 plus range. It will help you immensely to know what you are looking to accomplish with your project before applying for a swimming pool loan. 

Make plans to include any fencing, decking, patios, fire pits, furniture, outdoor kitchens, etc., that you want to place in the backyard. This can even include landscaping. This is the perk of using HFS to get your loan. We can help you cover financing for it all without there being numerous limitations on what the swimming pool loan can cover. 

Make Sure Your Swimming Pool Loan Covers Everything

Some other swimming pool loans may only cover the swimming pool itself. Then you would be left with an unfinished backyard or no fencing to keep your children and pets safe. It could also mean you have to use a ton of your savings to make sure things pass an insurance inspection before you can use it!

HFS Financial can help you make sure everything you need to improve your home is covered. Don’t leave anything to chance or part of the project unfinished. We want to make sure your dream comes to life easily. 

Apply for Your Swimming Pool Loan Today

Not only are you investing in your family’s health and happiness, but building a swimming pool is an investment in your future. In just 60 seconds with our rate-checker, you can be on the way to making that swimming pool loan a reality.

Get started by checking your options with HFS Financial today. Apply online or call 1-800-254-9560 today and start your journey to a better tomorrow. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”


How Long Does a Swimming Pool Loan Take?

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