Your Guide for Obtaining a Pool Loan

pool loan

It was likely freezing when you woke up this morning, which obviously makes it the perfect time to think about a pool loan. HFS Financial knows this time of year can get to the best of us, so close your eyes and imagine the hot July sun warming you while you relax beside your brand-new pool. If you want that pool to be a reality before summer gets here, you must start planning for it NOW! Let’s start with the basics. How will you pay for this new pool? A pool loan with HFS Financial is precisely what you need.

What Is a Pool Loan?

Most people know they will need a loan to build a pool – after all, the pool itself is pricey – but there are also additional costs, like patios, landscaping, fencing, and equipment. People may assume they should just take out a home equity loan to finance their pools, but a pool loan may be a wiser option

Home equity loans are intended for improvements that add to the home’s equity or value. Pools can add home value, but you should still be careful with taking out this type of loan. Home equity loans require applying through a bank and paying closing costs. If you fall on hard times and default on this type of loan, it could mean big issues. On the other hand, a pool loan is specifically intended for adding a pool. Most, if not all, can be done online without tying yourself to collateral issues you would rather avoid.

Who Qualifies?

People need to meet specific criteria to qualify for a pool loan. Lenders want to see that you have a steady work history, a strong credit history, and a good credit score. If you don’t have credit history, you’ll have a more challenging time securing any loan, including a pool loan. Lenders will also want to see you can pay off the loan based on your income. Use our rate checker to discover your options in just 60 seconds without impacting your credit score!

How Much Do They Lend?

Several factors, including your credit history and income, will determine how much you can borrow. Before applying for a loan, you will need to know how much your project will cost. While the pivotal part — the pool — is only one of many costs you must consider, think through everything else that will make your pool scape area unbelievably enjoyable. Will you also install a patio, new lighting, and a new fence? These should be included in the total cost that you apply for. Finally, decide how much you can reasonably afford to budget for the monthly loan payment, and have that information available in the planning process for the new pool. 

How Long Is the Loan?

Loan terms for pool loans vary but can be up to 20 years. This can create the perfect situation where you can enjoy your pool now and pay for it with affordable monthly payments that are spread out over time.

HFS Financial Will Help You Get the Swimming Pool of Your Dreams

At HFS Financial, we are always ready to get you qualified for that loan that can help you achieve the pool you’ve been longing for. Get ready to build your gorgeous new pool at home. Now is the perfect time to start planning your new swimming pool and backyard oasis. Don’t delay. Make 2023 the year your swimming vision becomes a reality with a loan through HFS Financial. “You Dream It; We Finance It!”


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