What Every General Contractor Business Needs in a Website

general contractor business updating their website

As a business owner, your website only has five seconds to capture a potential customer’s attention online. That’s not a ton of time. In fact, it’s almost no time at all! So how do you build, revamp, or grow your business website to optimize your customer base? Here’s what every general contractor business needs in a website.

A General Contractor Business Website Needs to be Easy to Navigate

The most likely thing to turn a customer away before they have even explored your site is the time it takes for it to load. It’s well worth some extra bucks in your budget to use a hosting service that you can trust to be fast and secure. It needs to be fast, because the customer who waits too long for your page to load will simply stop waiting. It also needs to be secure, because protecting your customer’s information protects your future business with them.

Make your site mobile phone friendly by having a menu that is visible and easy to access from every page. You also want to be sure not to hide your contact information, hours of operation, and location. The “About Us” or “Contact Us” pages are great places for this, it’s true. However, spread them around elsewhere so they can gently remind your customer where and how accessible you are. It’s best to link to call button and no-hassle forms for bid requests. 

A General Contractor Business Website with Quality Images and a Community Feel

You need to make sure your business website looks polished by using high-quality images of your finished work. Before and after comparisons of your completed jobs can especially impress! You can highlight the community aspect of your business by sharing positive customer testimonials and your contributions to any local charities or community services. Also be sure to highlight certifications, licenses, and awards. Memberships in industry-related groups is a plus as well. Positive biographical material about you and your crew shows you are trustworthy and friendly. Include links to all your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., from your main site, too.

Business Changes with the Seasons and So Should Your Website

You offer different services for different times of year, so update your site with any seasonal specials you run, or highlight general services that are season specific. It’s also good to keep rolling out blogs and social media posts that are relevant to the work you do, including do-it-yourself advice. This helps your customer maintain trust and faith that you are always looking out for their best interest.

Guide Your Customer to Easy Financing from Your Business Website

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What Every General Contractor Business Needs in a Website

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