How Do You Finance Swimming Pools?

swimming pool

You can almost see it now: the crystal-clear blue water, the gentle breeze brushing across your face, and the stress melting away as you sit poolside after a long, strenuous day. But while pool ownership remains atop many homeowner’s wish lists for home improvement, financing swimming pools doesn’t paint such an idyllic picture. 

Among the financing options available, a home equity loan can be one way to achieve your goals — but that doesn’t make it fast or straightforward. In reality, the process can still be a long one with plenty of red tape and frustrating paperwork for you to get caught up with along the way.

Your home’s appraisal is someone else’s opinion, and HFS Financial doesn’t think that opinions should keep you from reaching your home improvement goals. We see you where you see you: happy at home as the owner of your perfect pool for fun and relaxation. 

A Hassle-Free Application Process

Manifesting your dreams can take time, but there’s nothing that says they have to. One of the struggles with financing swimming pools is how long and stressful of a process it can be. But our straightforward application process is the fast track you need to get to soak up more summer sunlight.

Your inquiry takes a mere sixty seconds. We’ll then gather the information you provide through our secure application process and give you the answer you need about funding quickly. We can strike down the barrier to getting the money you need to live the life you want faster than ever, with up to 120% financing and no money down. 

Our experts can find a loan suitable for your unique project and financial circumstances, and there are no smudges on your credit for a simple inquiry about your personalized rate. Many homeowners use our process to procure loans for pools and an array of more extensive home improvement projects.  

After your application is approved, we ensure that the money goes directly to you through direct-to-consumer funding. It’s your home improvement project, so it only makes sense that you have the control to make the necessary decisions. Even better, all the swimming pool loans through HSF are personal loans, averting invasive appraisals and staged funding requirements. All that’s left to do is to start building your dream pool!

A World Full of Swimming Pool Possibilities

Even if you get approval for a home equity loan, they can feel stifling and limiting, which aren’t great feelings when designing a pool for your home. Once the wheels are in motion, hearing you need to pump the brakes and make adjustments can be discouraging. 

But our swimming pool financing lets your only limiter be your imagination. You can use your loan to finance an entire backyard oasis if you’d like. Aspirational amenities like outdoor kitchens or sprawling patios are no longer off the table. Anyone approved for their loan can start brainstorming with their contractors immediately. 

Getting the funds upfront with no equity and no appraisal is an incredible solution for anyone struggling to find the best pool financing options. The pool loans we connect you with give you flexibility and freedom alongside the benefits of fast cash and maximum control.

You’ve been talking about investing more in your home, spending more time outdoors, and living more for yourself. The time for talking about building a pool is over. With HFS, you’ll finally have the power to act. Start by using our Check My Rate tool to discover your financing possibilities.

We’re ready to receive your application and find the pool financing you need to turn a potential future into a realistic present. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

How Do You Finance Swimming Pools?

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