8 Beautiful and Functional Ideas for Your Pool House

8 Beautiful and Functional Ideas for Your Pool House

Designing your very own pool house can be a fun and exciting experience, but it can also feel overwhelming with so many options thanks to financing through HFS Financial. Our experts have compiled our best ideas to get you started on building the pool house you have been dreaming of. 

1. Guest Space

The ultimate use of a pool house is to also allow it to become a guest space. Imagine having your in-laws over and they don’t even have to stay in your house! They could stay for more extended periods without anyone becoming uncomfortable.

You could also use it as rental space if you wanted extra income without getting another job.

2. Outdoor Shower

Another amazing addition to include with your pool house build is an outdoor shower. This can serve as a place for everyone to clean up before or after taking a dip in the pool or as an extra shower if you need one, as long as it is somewhat private. 

Keeping guests, kids, and pets outside will also cut down on the mess that is tracked into your home from the pool area. 

3. Outdoor Kitchen

A super functional addition to your pool house is an outdoor kitchen. You can have amenities such as a grill, pizza oven, fridge, sink, prep area, and the works. It will allow you to entertain solely outdoors so that you don’t have to open your home when you are having an event around the pool.

4. Serving Area

This one has to be self-explanatory! Who doesn’t want a food or drink serving area to hang out around with friends and family? You will certainly be the host with the most adding counter serving and seating to your pool house. 

5. TV Area

After you install the counter and outdoor kitchen, you will obviously NEED TVs to watch the big game, since your house will be the official hangout spot for all your friends and family. Adding entertainment for any guests that may visit is always a plus. 

Outdoor entertainment can also be a great way to watch the kids playing. Just don’t get too distracted. 

6. Fire Pit

A fire pit is another amazing add-on to your pool house. After you take a dip in the evenings, get toasty by the fire and create smores for everyone to enjoy. 

It can also make a wonderful palace to unwind, read, and enjoy a drink around the pool as well.

7. Gym

After the pandemic, we all saw how valuable gym space in your home can be. Keep things separate still so that you can use the space in your pool house to create the perfect spot to work out and take care of your body.

8. Storage

Finally, storage is always a good idea. Whether it’s just a closet or an entire room dedicated to keeping your belongings organized and safe, the pool house is the perfect place to sneak some more storage in. 

You could even go so far as to create a dedicated storage space for Christmas decorations or other things you have an abundance of. 

No matter what your ambitions are for your pool house, HFS Financial is here to help you finance it. 

Use our 60-second rate checker today to see if you are conditionally approved for a personal loan. Our associates will follow up with you to help get you the money you need to create the ultimate pool house. 

With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”


8 Beautiful and Functional Ideas for Your Pool House

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