The Ultimate Guide to Getting a New Pool in 2022

guide to getting a new pool

A backyard swimming pool is something you’ve only dreamed of having for as long as you can remember. But now your dream is finally coming to fruition! You will be a proud pool owner sometime in the new year. This means you are planning and preparing for the new addition to make its appearance at your home. As you do all the prep work, there are several things you need to check off your to-do list. HFS Financial has the ultimate guide to getting a new pool in 2022 ready for you.

We have been in the home improvement loan industry for close to six decades. New pools are something that countless people choose for home improvement to add value and amazing entertainment to their homes. Here are the pieces of information that you need to make your pool build process as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Begin with the Blueprints

When you start pool planning in full force, you definitely want to begin with the blueprints. The design of the pool is very important for your ultimate pool enjoyment. This means you want to plan specifically and strategically for the exact details you have in mind for your backyard’s centerpiece of action. 

We have some incredible swimming pool design ideas to get you started on creating your own pool’s layout. Remember to visualize the finished product, and include all of the comforts you cannot live without. Water features in or around the pool, illumination for night swimming and safety, a fire pit for warmth and wonderful memories, and comfortable seats that complement your pool and home are just a few of the things to keep in mind as you finalize your design plans. 

Pick the Perfect Pool for Your Property

The Ultimate Guide to Getting a New Pool in 2022

As you work to fine tune your blueprints for the swimming pool installation, you must decide which type of pool you want for your family to enjoy for years to come. There are several options of pools available on the market today. Here is some helpful information about gunite vs. fiberglass pools — two of the most common types you will encounter. 

A gunite pool comes to life right before your eyes. Homeowners love the endless customization that can be done with a gunite pool. Because the pool builder builds a gunite pool from scratch at your home, you can decide exactly what size and shape you want, as well as include virtually any extra that your dream pool includes. This also means the installation process takes some time — an average of six to eight weeks at least.

A fiberglass pool has a faster installation process. This is because this type of pool is manufactured at a factory as a durable shell that is delivered to your backyard. You get to choose a fiberglass pool from a list of available options, which limits the customization of the shape. However, you can still add your favorite colors and surroundings to help the pool coordinate with your house. You can also customize features like LED lights, water features, tanning ledges and so much more.

Enthrall Guests with Extra Features

Next up on your list of things to do before getting your pool is to think about the best pool features for keeping up with the Joneses. You want your pool to enthrall your guests with extra features that will set your pool apart from others. You can do more than keep up with the Joneses — you can surpass them!

Perhaps you want to include a tanning ledge at the entrance of your custom-built pool. Or maybe you have ample room and want to include a spa in one end of the pool for relaxing soaks after a refreshing swim. 

There are all kinds of landscaping options, with additional waterfalls or other beautifying aspects, to incorporate into your pool’s surroundings that will also make it unique and unmatched. You can even add a slide to the pool for added entertainment and enjoyment. Features like these are the things you will really love when you begin to use your pool on a regular basis.

Amaze Yourself with Automated Amenities

The Ultimate Guide to Getting a New Pool in 2022

Technology has made pool ownership much easier than it was just decades ago. In fact, here are the top four automation products for the pool & spa industry to look at as you finish up your pool research work. 

You can find items to make pool maintenance a cinch, and these four items are just the beginning. For example, imagine being able to just push a button to cover the pool with no heavy lifting or pushing and pulling. An automated cover is definitely a great item to install when you get your brand new pool up and running.

Conclude with the Crucial Pool Partners

The ultimate guide to getting a new pool in 2022 would not be complete without mentioning the crucial partners that make your pool dream come true: the contractor and the financing company. You want to partner with a reputable contractor and a reliable pool loan business. This is where your final steps of research come in.

Study the reviews of the contractor that you’re considering hiring. Talk to anyone you know who has used their services. When you finalize your selection, be sure to get on the pool builder’s waitlist. This helps to ensure that your pool installation is on their to-do list and will begin before you know it.

A contractor who partners with HFS Financial for the best contractor financing for customers is an all-around win for everyone! We are very experienced in the world of new pool financing and offer excellent customer service from start to finish. 

Our staff has worked tirelessly to make the home improvement loan application process as simple and straightforward as possible. It takes just 60 short seconds to inquire now about a loan with the help of HFS Financial’s knowledgeable team. Our agents are available at 1-800-254-9560 to help you get started too. Let us help you find the best loan option out there for your unique needs. We’re ready to help you get started on that new pool for 2022. “You Dream It, We Finance It!”

The Ultimate Guide to Getting a New Pool in 2022

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