Gunite vs. Fiberglass Pools

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Are you in the market for a backyard upgrade in the form of a swimming pool? New pool financing is certainly something you want to have secured so that your pool building can begin. HFS Financial is the perfect choice for your new pool loan needs. You no doubt will want to look at the differences between gunite vs. fiberglass pools as you research the perfect pool. Here is some helpful information to get you started.

Gorgeous, Customizable Gunite Pools

Let’s begin with a look at gorgeous gunite pools. A gunite pool is built from the ground up directly on your property. Many homeowners love this type of pool because of all of the customizing they are able to do with its design. No two gunite pools are exactly the same. Every yard is different, and choosing a gunite pool means your pool will be uniquely yours.

The construction of a gunite pool is not a quick process. The building time takes six to eight weeks on average, which means the process takes longer than a fiberglass pool installation. A gunite pool is very durable and holds its shape well. A concrete pool doesn’t need a liner either. Their natural beauty is easily complemented with rock formations and water features as well.

Concrete is long lasting but can also eventually crack. Gunite pools are not exempt from this. Just keep in mind that pool repairs may become a necessity at some point down the road.

Fabulous, Factory-Built Fiberglass Pools

Now let’s look at some facts about fabulous fiberglass pools. Unlike the gunite pools, fiberglass pools are shells that are pre-built by a manufacturer. There are various shapes available, and you choose the one you like the best for your backyard centerpiece. 

The installation process can be completed within just a few days, because the shell comes ready to put into the ground. Once the plumbing is connected, the backfill and deck is completed, and the pool is filled, the swimming can commence. 

Pool maintenance is a necessity with any type of pool. Homeowners who choose fiberglass pools love the fact that fiberglass pools are fairly simple to clean and don’t require a lot of extra care. The fiberglass material is non-porous, which helps to keep algae from collecting on the walls of your pool. Many fiberglass pools come with great manufacturer warranties.

Pick Your Pool: Gunite vs. Fiberglass

There are all kinds of things that can factor into your final choice for your dream pool. Just remember that once you make your decision, HFS Financial is here to help you locate the funding you need for that swimming pool loan. We have greatly simplified the loan application into just a 60 second inquiry. You will hear back from us quickly. Call us at 1-800-254-9560 to discuss your new pool financing and the timeline of events you can expect. Our friendly team is waiting to hear from you. “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

Gunite vs. Fiberglass Pools

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