Why Going Solar is a Good Idea for Every Homeowner

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Homeowners across the globe are going solar these days. Solar energy is cleaner, and that makes the air clearer. There are many reasons why people are investing in solar panel installation. As a homeowner yourself, you are researching to see what all the hype is about. You’ve come to the right place to help you know that this is the right step to take. HFS Financial specializes in home improvement loans, and countless customers have come to us to help find the funding this big change requires. Here is why going solar is a good idea for every homeowner.

It helps the environment and the economy.

First on our list of reasons is that going solar helps the environment and even the economy in many ways. We all want to do our part to help preserve our planet, and this is one way that homeowners have found to contribute to this effort.

Is going solar the environmentally responsible thing to do? YES! Solar energy is known as one of the cleanest energy sources available. The sun naturally produces all of the energy that is collected by solar panels and then converted into electricity. This removes all harmful gases from the equation. Greenhouse gases, fossil fuels, and emissions are not an issue when customers go green with solar panels.

The economy also benefits from homes and businesses that go solar. A solar energy system often produces more electricity than it can use in a month’s time. Many utilities companies across the U.S. are able to “buy” this excess of energy back from you in the form of account credits. They then distribute the power to surrounding buildings. This means you are helping your local economy and the environment as a whole by going solar.

It helps ease the monthly expenses.

Why Going Solar is a Good Idea for Every Homeowner

Next, we look at another popular reason for going solar: saving money. Here are some reasons going solar is a great idea that you certainly want to know about. Everyone loves to save money, and changing your house to a solar power system is definitely a decision that will pay for itself and continue to pay you back as time progresses. 

A great electric bill is not usually a piece of mail that anyone anticipates receiving. But when you go solar, this will change. The company that keeps track of your system will send you a monthly statement to show you what energy was produced and what was consumed. 

Many months you will use far less power than your system produces, which will leave you with excess energy to roll over for months that will require more than your system makes. You can happily use the money you are saving for some other item on your budget every month. 

It has extra financial benefits to enjoy.

The savings on your monthly budget are not the only financial benefits of installing solar panels on your home. Many states offer incentives to their residents for upgrading their homes to solar energy. One example of these is Solar Renewable Energy Credits known as SRECs. 

The federal government is currently offering a Federal Tax Credit to homeowners who choose to go solar as well. This credit will greatly help offset the cost of installing solar panels for many homeowners. When the annual tax deadlines roll around, customers are able to claim a percentage of the initial costs of installation as a deduction on their taxes owed. This deduction can roll over to subsequent years also if the credit exceeds the liability.

It is easy to enlist help.

Why Going Solar is a Good Idea for Every Homeowner

Finally, we need to look at how homeowners are choosing to pay for this important home improvement — cash out of pocket, leasing, loans, credit cards, and the list goes on. This brings up a valid question. Is financing solar panels a good idea?

The initial investment that going solar requires is not something that can be ignored. Most people are not able to pay cash for an expense like this. Credit cards are also not a great option because of limits on spending and high interest rates. Leasing and loans are probably the two payment methods that seem to make the most sense. This means you need to study each to know which method is the best choice.

To Lease

Leasing might seem to be more affordable at a fast glance. However, there is a huge drawback to this funding method. Ownership of the solar system would never become yours. You would still save money on the monthly costs for energy, but the monthly payments you make on the lease render no long-term savings or satisfaction of owning the energy-efficient system. When the term of the lease is done, the panels revert back to their owner.

To Finance

Financing solar panels is definitely the best option for getting the long-anticipated solar panels installed, and it is easy to enlist help. Partnering with HFS Financial for your home improvement financing is the best decision you can make. For nearly six decades, our company has been helping homeowners find the funding that best meets their individual needs. 

Home improvement loans are the only type of loan that we help customers with. This means that we have perfected and simplified the process tremendously. The low-interest rates we offer are one reason customers love HFS Financial. The terms of the loans we find are also very reasonable.

We use a unique funding model known as no-stage funding. This is one of the big reasons that homeowners rely on us when it comes to improving their homes. The loan comes in one lump sum directly to you. Then you are able to pay for the work that you want to begin, such as changing over to solar panels. 

In just 60 brief seconds, you can inquire today about a home improvement loan for going solar. We are also just a phone call away at 1-800-254-9560. Our staff will securely use your information to begin searching for the loan you need. You will hear back from us within three business days. Now that you know why going solar is a good idea for every homeowner, you can contact us anytime. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.” 

Why Going Solar is a Good Idea for Every Homeowner

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