Pool Enclosure Loans

A large pool enclosure over an inground pool.

At HFS Financial, we understand that your pool is only a part of your backyard oasis. There is more to pool ownership than the pool itself. For many pool owners, their pool enclosure is just as important of a factor when it comes to designing an ideal backyard retreat. 

Pool enclosures provide a number of advantages that range from cosmetic to safety. If adding an enclosure to your pool is something you want to complete your pool area, HFS is here to help! We are dedicated to providing financing options that fit your needs for your project. 

How Can a Pool Enclosure Improve Your Home?

There are many ways in which adding an enclosure around your pool can improve your home. Regardless of why you are adding a pool enclosure, HFS Financial is available to help you find the funding you need to make it happen. Here are some reasons why adding a pool enclosure can make pool ownership even better.


One very important reason for adding a pool enclosure is the safety that it can provide for your family. If you have young kids at home, pool safety is of critical importance. By installing a pool enclosure around your pool, you are providing a safety net that prevents a child from entering the pool area without an adult. 

Pool enclosures can also provide safety to pets that may wander into the pool and not be able to find their way out. Preventing access in the first place keeps everyone protected.


Another reason to add a pool enclosure is for the security that it adds. Your pool can quickly become a liability if you have people in your neighborhood who come over to use it. While it sounds neighborly to allow the use of your pool, you should never let anyone – especially children – use your pool when you are not there.

A pool enclosure will help to ensure that your pool is only being used when you are there or have given someone explicit permission to use it. 

In some regions of the country, you may also have to worry about wild animals getting into your pool. An example may be alligators in Florida. A pool enclosure is necessary in cases like this to make sure creatures aren’t hanging out in your pool. 


An added benefit that comes from having a pool enclosure is the additional storage that it creates. You may even build an enclosure for the purpose of storage. With a pool enclosure, you can opt to leave your lounging chairs, pool toys, umbrellas, etc., outside instead of putting them in a shed. 

This additional storage is not only convenient, but it also helps keep all of your pool-related items together in one place. 


Another benefit that a pool enclosure provides is cover from falling debris. Regardless of where your pool is located, there is bound to be a combination of grass, leaves, twigs, mulch, dirt, insects, and more that falls into your pool. While most pools have filters for this reason, you will generally have to use a pool skimmer to get out large items if your pool isn’t covered.

With the use of a pool enclosure, minimal debris will be able to fall into the pool. This not only saves you time and energy on maintenance, but it can also lengthen the life of your pool equipment.


In some cases, you may choose to build a pool enclosure if you are looking to improve the appearance of your pool area. While many pools look incredible all on their own, a well-placed enclosure can add additional appeal. 

A pool enclosure can improve your backyard appearance by containing all of your pool-related items as well. 


Many pool enclosures have the added benefit of providing shade to your pool area. This can be particularly helpful on those hot summer days when staying out of direct sunlight is a must. A shaded pool enclosure can also help protect you against ultraviolet rays – although it is not a substitute for wearing sunscreen. 

Extended Pool Season

Some pool enclosures can even extend your pool season. If you build an enclosure with solid walls such as glass, you will be able to retain heat more effectively. This means that even after temperatures have fallen below comfortable swimming temperatures, you have the option to heat your enclosure and continue the summer fun. 

A pool enclosure over an inground pool.

Things to Consider When Finalizing Your Design

Now that you are ready to take the plunge on a new pool enclosure, there are a few things left to consider.

Do You Have Guidelines to Follow?

In many cases, there may be rules and restrictions on certain types of pool enclosures. Be sure to check with your homeowner’s association and the local municipality building office before building your pool enclosure to make sure your plan falls within their guidelines. 

What Roof Style Works Best With Your Pool and Home?

When planning out your pool enclosure, one important thing to consider is what type of roof works best for your property. In many cases, this will be a cosmetic choice. However, different roof styles can be more effective for certain situations. 

For example, if your property is prone to heavy winds, you will want a roof that makes the structure stronger against the wind, such as a dome-shaped roof.

An outside view of a pool enclosure over a pool.

What Material Is Best for Your Walls?

Most pool enclosure walls have metal frames and screen walls. However, glass and other solid materials may also be an option. If you are wanting an enclosure that still allows a breeze, view, and all of the sights and sounds that nature has to offer, you probably want screened walls. 

If you are considering a pool enclosure in order to extend your pool season, you will want something that can block out the elements. Glass is a popular choice in this scenario because you can still have outdoor views while keeping out the cool breeze of spring or fall. 

How to Finance a Pool Enclosure

Financing your pool enclosure couldn’t be easier with the help of HFS Financial. HFS specializes in personal loan options with direct-to-consumer funding and no money down. 

To get started, simply fill out the 60-second inquiry form which will help determine your qualification status. From there, you will be connected with a loan consultant who can help you finalize your loan application. 

Once you’re ready to move forward with your loan, you will be sent a secure link to upload some basic documentation to confirm your information. After you’ve supplied these documents, you can sit back, relax, and get planning knowing your pool enclosure loan is close at hand. 

Another benefit of allowing HFS Financial to handle your financing needs is that you receive your funds upfront. There is no need to coordinate loan payouts with your contractor and never a need to wait on an inspection of work before funds are released. This process puts you in the driver’s seat for your pool enclosure project. 

Get started today with the HFS 60-second inquiry form. Your pool will thank you! As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time and at any point in your loan process. We look forward to hearing from you. With HFS Financial on your side, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

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