Loans for Kitchen Cabinets

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Kitchens are often considered the heart of the home, and new kitchen cabinets can breathe new life into your favorite gathering space. With new cabinets, you can have more area to prep meals, more storage space for kitchen gadgets and equipment, and more beauty to surround your family on a daily basis. 

If you’re ready to refresh and transform your kitchen with new cabinets, HFS Financial is your trusted ally for the best kitchen cabinet financing.

Why Do You Need New Kitchen Cabinets?

There are a multitude of reasons people need new cabinets for their kitchen. Whether your drawers stick and won’t close, lack of storage is a continual issue, or your kitchen setup needs a complete remodel, here are a few of the top reasons you may think it’s time for a change.

Your Kitchen Cabinets Are Outdated

“The seventies called. They want their kitchen cabinets back.” If your kitchen cabinets look like they’ve been preserved in a time capsule (and not in a good way), it’s probably time to update them to a more modern-day look.

Your Cabinets Are Damaged

Are you having kitchen issues? Maybe you’ve found rotting wood from leaking water, scratches and dents or peeling paint on the doors, broken or cracked glass, bent or crooked hinges, or missing or broken handles. If your kitchen cabinets are looking a little worse for wear, it’s time for new ones.

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Your Current Cabinets Weren’t Installed Correctly

Were your cabinets installed by a not-so-reputable installer? Or maybe they’re a DIY project gone wrong (more like a “D-I-Why did you do it like that?”). Either way, it’s essential to ensure that kitchen cabinets are installed correctly. Cabinets that aren’t securely installed pose a real safety issue to you and your family. Plus, they just look bad.

Kitchen Cabinets Aren’t Functional

Sometimes kitchen cabinets aren’t installed with function in mind. Is your cabinet layout clunky and awkward? Do you find yourself wishing they were in a different spot? Or maybe the type of cabinets you currently have don’t suit your needs. Not everyone wants or needs a spice drawer or a Lazy Susan.

The flow and functionality of your kitchen cabinets is incredibly important. This affects your experience preparing meals and enjoying mealtime with your loved ones. So if your cabinets aren’t functional in the way you long for, get new ones and change their layout to one that works best for you.

You’re Remodeling Your Whole Kitchen

Do you have a full kitchen remodel in the works? Now’s a great time to update the cabinets! It’s unlikely you’ll get a better opportunity to change the cabinets, so get new kitchen cabinets while you can.

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Types of Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets come in a variety of materials, colors, and finishes. Some materials that cabinets come in include:

  • Solid wood like oak, cherry, alder, or pine
  • Wood veneer
  • Particle board
  • Plywood
  • Fiberboard
  • Melamine
  • Metal
  • Stainless steel
  • Thermofoil
  • Laminate or vinyl

You can also get decorative features on your cabinets like see-through glass doors, architectural details like wood trim and paneling, and more. There are also different styles like shaker, beaded, distressed, flat panel, and the list goes on. Depending on the style you’re going for in your kitchen –- rustic, modern, vintage, or contemporary — kitchen cabinets can complete the look.

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When you install new cabinets, don’t forget about customized storage. There are different storage solutions and shelving options such as:

  • Lower cabinets
  • Upper cabinets
  • Corner shelving
  • Lazy Susan
  • Horizontal drawers
  • Verticle storage cabinets
  • Pots and pans drawers
  • Plate drawers with dividers
  • Spice drawer
  • Specialty racks
  • Islands
  • Pantries 

How to Choose Your New Kitchen Cabinets

There are so many choices when it comes to designing your kitchen cabinets. Do your research and review your options. Start collecting the looks that you like, whether it’s with a pinboard on Pinterest or a few clippings from home makeover magazines. 

Take your ideas with you when you go cabinet shopping and show them to the salesperson. They may be able to help you to narrow down your choices that both fit your aesthetic and budget.

How Much Do Kitchen Cabinets Cost?

The cost of kitchen cabinets depends on a lot of factors like how many cabinets you are getting, what materials they will be built out of, and whether or not they are custom built, plus labor and installation. The total cost to replace your kitchen cabinets can range anywhere from $1,500 up to $25,000 or more. 

You’ll probably want to meet up with several cabinet installers to get cost estimates and compare. Which one can get you closest to the vision you have of your dream kitchen within your budget? Remember, the cheapest option may not be the best. The saying, “You get what you pay for,” definitely applies to cabinets. You’ll want to invest in quality cabinets, as they are more likely to hold up over time.

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How Do I Pay for My New Kitchen Cabinets?

One way to pay for kitchen cabinets is with cash. But what if you don’t have the cash on hand and you really need new cabinets? It can be tempting to use a credit card, but that’s an easy way to get trapped in high-interest credit card debt, and you don’t want to do that.

You could try searching through several different loan companies for kitchen cabinet financing. But you will only get so much information before you need to apply. How much will you be approved for, if you get approved at all? And won’t applying for more than one loan negatively impact your credit score? This can make it challenging to compare loan options. You might wing it and apply for a loan you think is the best, but you can’t be sure. How do you know if that kitchen cabinet loan is truly right for you?

Save the hassle and just apply for kitchen cabinet financing through HFS Financial!


Get Kitchen Cabinet Financing with HFS Financial

When it’s time to replace your kitchen cabinets, contact HFS Financial for your financing needs. We can help you find the best kitchen cabinet financing options and do it in less time than you would anywhere else.

How HFS Financial Works

Across the country, our expert team at HFS Financial helps homeowners like you get home improvement loans for almost any home improvement project including kitchen cabinets. With HFS, you can find home improvement loans for your needs with some of the best loan terms in the industry, and it only takes a minute of your time. Plus, these loan options fund directly to you. With cash in hand, you can get your kitchen cabinets bought and installed sooner than you imagined. We can also help you get up to 120% financing to cover not only the whole project but any unforeseen expenses as well.


With HFS Financial, it’s easy to check on your loan options. All you need is 60 seconds to complete our simple inquiry form to see what you prequalify for. You’ll be matched with several kitchen cabinet loan options to choose from, rather than having to apply for multiple loans through different venues. Plus, you’ll be matched with loans that fit the terms you are looking for. 

Upon inquiry approval, one of our expert loan consultants will connect with you to assist with the remainder of the application process for your chosen loan. They’ll guide you through everything you need to get your kitchen cabinet loan, so you don’t have to worry about navigating the application process yourself. Your loan consultant will be with you every step of the way.

It’s time to start your kitchen cabinet financing journey. Fill out your inquiry application today and see how we can help you create the kitchen of your dreams. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

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