Loans for Home Theater Systems

If you’re a movie lover or sports enthusiast, your dream home probably includes a home theater system. Now you can make that dream a reality with a home improvement loan through HFS Financial. We help consumers get unsecured loans for up to $500,000, including loans for building and equipping that high-tech home theater!

Our secure online application process doesn’t hurt your credit. You don’t even have to enter your social security number. Just give us a few basic pieces of info, and within one minute, you can find out if you qualify for a home theater system loan!

How the Loan Process Works

Step 1.

Apply For A Loan

Does NOT affect your credit, get same day answers

Step 2.

Speak To A Loan Consultant

Get instant loan answers OR speak with a loan consultant

Step 3.

Provide Documentation

Securely upload some basic documents for loan verification

Step 4.


Most loans fund within 48 hours