3 Things You SHOULD Discuss During the Sales Process to Sell More Pools

A saleswoman speaks to a couple and remembers all her talking points to sell more pools.

The sales process can feel like a battleground where you’re trying to get the upper hand, reel in the customer, and sell more pools. But it doesn’t have to feel that way! You can arm yourself with the proper information to get the highest chance for success every time. You can feel confident, give the people what they want, and sell more pools. 

So, what are some things you absolutely SHOULD discuss during the sales process to sell more pools? Let’s dive in. 

1. Talk About Financing Options to Sell More Pools

The one thing that you can guarantee is on everyone’s mind when it comes to the sales process for a swimming pool is money. Whether your clients are planning to pay straight out of pocket with cash, or they’re looking for financing of some kind, they are all thinking about the funding needed to get the job done right. 

From your position, you don’t know your clients’ plans. But you can present more information by discussing all of their financing options. That information alone could actually influence what payment method they choose. 

That’s why you should absolutely talk about financing options when it comes to the sales process. Even if your clients come in prepared to pay in cash, they could hear that you offer financing in a way that might work out better for them, allowing them to build a bigger and better pool with all the bells and whistles. 

Why wouldn’t they finance a pool and use that cash for something else?

2. Talk About Financing Convenience

Another thing you should discuss if you want to sell more pools: Just how convenient it is to finance through HFS Financial. You know that offering pool financing through HFS Financial is super convenient and super fast. You just need to tell your clients that. 

Offering pool financing makes you the one-stop shop for your clients. If they finance through HFS Financial, they don’t have to go anywhere else for anything. And that could be the one thing that sets you apart from your competitors in their minds. 

If they can get all they need from you, then why check out other pool builders? 

Not to mention the sheer amount of time any other financing option could take. Remember to remind your clients that financing through HFS Financial will get them started on the loan process exponentially faster than any other loan option. And we all know that the goal is to be swimming as soon as possible. 

3. Talk About Manageable Financing

And finally, when you’re talking through the sales process, you should discuss how swimming pool financing makes the overall cost of the pool much more manageable. Helping people understand what their monthly payment would be versus the total price of the pool can help your clients grasp what is realistically affordable. 

It’s also worth noting that when your clients think in terms of monthly payments instead of a hefty price tag, it gives you the ability to not only sell more pools but also upsell on those pools. A monthly payment is much easier for some people to wrap their minds (and budgets) around, so they’ll be more likely to take advantage of those add-ons like a spa or fire and water features. 

But they can’t do that, and you can’t sell more pools, if you don’t talk about monthly payments in your sales process. 

Your Favorite Pool Financing

Make sure you arm yourself with the proper talking points when it comes to offering pool financing so you can sell more pools. Your clients want to buy the pool, so ensure they have all the information and all the financing options they need to make it happen. 

You know HFS Financial is the way to go, so make sure your clients know it, too. Send them to your HFS widget on your website and sell more pools today! With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

3 Things You SHOULD Discuss During the Sales Process to Sell More Pools

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