4 Documents You Should Always Provide Your Pole Barn and Steel Building Business Clients

A pole barn in mid-construction sits atop a concrete foundation in front of lush green woods.

Your pole barn and steel building clients deserve the best quality service available. Part of providing superior quality from your pole barn and steel building contractor business means that you stay knowledgeable about all aspects of the business. You need to know the latest and greatest techniques and materials. And you need to know how to interact with customers well. 

But one of the best practices you can implement as a pole barn and steel building contractor is providing accurate and pertinent documentation for the building process. Here are four documents you should always provide your pole barn and steel building business clients. 

Contractual Agreement

Hands down, the most important document you should be providing your pole barn and steel building business clients is the contractual agreement between you, the contractor, and your client. The contract lays out the specific details of the job and the expectations of both you and the client. The last thing you should ever do is commit to a job without a formal, written and signed contract.

The contract is designed to protect both parties involved and to avoid misunderstandings. As the steel building and pole barn contractor, it’s your responsibility to provide the contract. Make sure you work with a legal team to draw up a professional, legal contract to protect yourself and your business. 

You should always provide your customers with a copy of the signed agreement. 

Building Project Schedule 

Another excellent document to make sure you include for your pole barn and steel building business clients is a building project schedule. Similar to the contract, your building project schedule will keep everyone informed of the plans and timeline of the project. 

This document is obviously subject to change, as there are often unforeseen circumstances that can cause schedules to shift. But both your team and your clients will thank you for the details that you can provide in your project schedule. 

Your project schedule will differ for each individual client and job. But it should contain similar information for each job like how long you intend for each phase to last and when you plan to have the project entirely completed. 

When dates or timelines change, inform your client in writing. Keeping them informed will go a long way in keeping your customers happy. 

Up-To-Date Insurance and Licensing Information

And speaking of keeping your customers happy, you should also provide up-to-date insurance and licensing information in the documents for all of your clients. It’s just good practice to offer proof of insurance and licensing to your customers. 

While it should go without saying that all pole barn or steel building contractors are operating with valid insurance and licensing, that’s just not the case. Give your customers peace of mind by including these documents every time. No one will ever be upset that you offered this particular document. 

Contractor Financing Information

And finally, it’s inevitable that you’ll have a fair number of clients who will need pole barn financing or steel building financing. You can be sure to provide them with exactly that when you partner with HFS Financial. And we can get your clients the exact funding options they need to start building their pole barn or steel building. 

Once you make the decision to partner with us, you can include contractor financing information in your standard documentation for all your clients. That way, you can provide the best financing in the business. Our contractor financing programs have zero contractor fees, and your clients become just like cash buyers. Contact our team today. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It. We Finance It.”

4 Documents You Should Always Provide Your Pole Barn and Steel Building Business Clients

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