6 Benefits of Financing Through HFS for Your Clients

A contractor holding building plans and wearing a white hard had looks as if he's thinking and pondering the benefits of financing through HFS Financial.

So, you’re already sold on the fact that contractor financing through HFS Financial is a good idea for your contracting business, but what about all the benefits of financing through HFS for your clients?

The fact of the matter is that offering consumer financing to your clients through HFS Financial is good for both you and your clients. And there are a surprisingly high number of benefits for clients alone, not to mention contractors. 

It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with these benefits for your clients because that’s how you’re going to reel them in and seal the deal. So, let’s take a look at some of the awesome benefits of offering financing through HFS for your clients. 

1. Direct-to-Consumer Financing Options 

First, we’ll start with the incredible fact that any loan option your clients receive through HFS Financial will loan directly to the consumer. That means that they’ll get their money without having to jump through any unnecessary hoops. 

That’s good news for you, too, because that makes your client just like a cash buyer. You don’t have to worry about who’s controlling the funding. You can know that it’s your client.

2. Upfront Funding

Additionally, consumer financing through HFS Financial funds up front, directly to your clients. That means you not only know that your client has full control over their funding, but they also have the amount needed to get the project started. 

You can rest assured knowing that you’ll get paid on time every time because the funds are already there. 

3. Up to 120% Funded

Moving on, not only can you be certain that your customers have directly gotten their loan up front, but it’s also possible that they can get a loan that exceeds the estimated amount for their project. 

That means that in the event that any unexpected costs arise, your clients will have the funding to cover those costs because they got their financing through HFS Financial. And as a contractor, that means you don’t have to worry about your paycheck because the funding is covered, plus a little cushion. And who doesn’t love a little cushion?

4. Terms Up to 20 Years

Another benefit of financing through HFS Financial is the option for terms of up to 20 years. If your clients need time and space to commit to a financing offer from HFS Financial, we’ve got the time and space to help them find the loan they are looking for. 

5. No Equity Necessary 

Unlike other loan options that your clients may be considering, financing through HFS Financial doesn’t require any equity or appraisal. Your clients can apply and be approved as they are. And that opens up your services to a world of clients who might not be able to afford them otherwise. 

6. Quick and Simple Loan Process

Finally, the whole loan process, from start to finish, is incredibly quick and simple. All your clients have to do is start with our 60-second inquiry form or use the HFS widget on your website. From there, our team will reach out to contact them to complete the process. We take all the hard work off your plate, leaving you free to do what you do best.

Remember the Benefits of Financing Through HFS for Contractors, Too

If you’re interested in winning more customers (and we know you are), we do recommend talking through these benefits with your clients and using our contractor resource center to educate your clients more. That’s how you can win more customers and get those jobs done.

HFS Financial is experienced with all that your clients will ever need to know when it comes to home improvement financing options. So, make sure your clients know you offer the best contractor financing for your customers. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It.”


6 Benefits of Financing Through HFS for Your Clients

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