6 “Extras” Gutter and Siding Businesses Can Provide to Thrill Even the Toughest Customers

How to improve gutter and siding businesses.

There might be many different gutter and siding businesses in your area that can provide basic installation, but wouldn’t you like to stand out from the rest? While the other guys simply go through the motions, you have the ability to knock customers’ socks off with amazing add-ons they didn’t know were possible. Every “extra” will put a smile on their face while increasing your net profit at the same time.

“Extras” You Can Provide for Gutter Projects

1. You Can Provide Decorative Gutter Attachments

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From rain chains to downspouts in the shape of a gargoyle, the decorative possibilities are endless. We’re talking ornamental gutter hangers, gutter medallions, pretty brackets — the list goes on. Fancy, right? Your customers might think so, too. 

2. You Can Provide Gutter Protectors


Nothing is more annoying to a new gutter owner than to see their investment clogged with leaves. Make sure your customers are aware of the damage that could happen to their homes if clogs keep their gutters from working properly. Then, provide the perfect solution to the problem in the form of gutter guards or leaf filters. 

3. You Can Provide Rain Collectors

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Rain collection barrels are good for the environment and can save homeowners money on their water bills — especially if they are watering plants or a garden. Inquiring about this would only add a few minutes to your initial consultation: “Have you ever considered attaching rain barrels to the bottom of your downspouts? If so, we can provide those as a part of our service.” 

“Extras” You Can Provide for Siding Projects

4. You Can Provide Outdoor Lighting and Cameras


Your clients might ask to have their previous light fixtures re-installed after the project is done. But they might not be thinking about the option of adding new fixtures or updating their old ones. 

Security is paramount these days, so flood lights, motion sensing lights, and outdoor cameras are in high demand. Why not get in on the action by offering to sell them and install them? You might as well since you’re working on the outside of houses anyway! 

5. You Can Provide Shutters 


Siding and shutters go hand-in-hand (because they are literally attached to each other). By providing decorative or functional shutters, you can go from simply protecting someone’s home to greatly enhancing their curb appeal. 

6. You Can Provide Upgraded Siding Options

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Your clients probably won’t know the difference between aluminum, steel, solar defense, or insulated siding, so it’s your job to educate them. Don’t assume they want the least expensive option. Offer them the details, and let them make the best choice for their home.

While we’re on the subject of “going above and beyond,” visit this blog to find out how to provide excellent customer service in your gutter and siding business. 

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6 “Extras” Gutter and Siding Businesses Can Provide to Thrill Even the Toughest Customers

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