Best Industry Apps for Contractors

best apps for contractors

One of the best things about being a contractor today is the wide availability of technology that makes the job easier! 3-D design software, smart tools —there are so many things you can utilize behind the scenes to make your job easier. Apps for your phone and other devices can help, too. From keeping your business organized to getting out from under the pile of paperwork that seems to haunt you, here are some of the best industry apps for contractors.

Punch List & Site Audit Report by Rojao Inc.

Do you feel like corralling paperwork, emails, and text messages about projects could be your full-time job? If so, try the Punch List & Site Audit Report® app by Rojao Inc. You can use it to manage the project from beginning to end. It will keep you (and your team) organized with everything from audits to inspections to punch and snag lists. 

PlanGrid by PlanGrid, Inc.

PlanGrid® makes paper blueprints a thing of the past. With it, you can view blueprints, make notes, create field markups, and more. For instance, as PlanGrid says, you can use their software to have real-time access to plans and “stop making repeated trips to the trailer.”

SmartBid Mobile by ConstructConnect

Keep track of all your bids, project data, and other documents in one place. Designed for both general contractors and subcontractors, SmartBid® creates a network where contractors can communicate with each other. For instance, you can invite bids, prequalify subcontractors, and keep track of preconstruction paperwork and communications. 


Freshbooks® is perfect for independent contractors and small business owners. With this simple-to-use accounting software, you can:

  • Track your time
  • Create professional-looking invoices right on your phone or tablet 
  • Snap a picture and keep track of receipts 
  • Chat with clients
  • Plus more 


This list-making app sounds simple (it is just for making lists, after all), but many people swear by WorkFlowy®. First, you can make endless lists, right on your phone. However, the real beauty of WorkFlowy is that it allows you to organize any list, small to large, and find just what you need in a moment. Take a look at this video to see it in action.

If you’re looking for ways to save time and streamline your processes, give these apps for contractors a try! 

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Best Industry Apps for Contractors

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