Fiberglass vs. Concrete vs. Vinyl-Liner Pools: How to Pick the Best Inground Pool For Your Backyard

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Nothing says the perfect summer day like cooling off in your new inground pool. The problem now is picking the perfect type of pool for your backyard. To help you out, we’ll give you the rundown on fiberglass, concrete, and vinyl-liner pools and help you pick the best inground pool for your backyard.


Fiberglass pools have proven to be a popular type of inground pool for residential homes. One of the main reasons for this is because they can be installed faster than any other type of pool and they often require less maintenance than other pool types. On top of that, fiberglass pools are very durable. They are comparable to concrete pools for how durable they are, which also means they frequently have a longer lifespan than other pools types.

That being said, fiberglass pools are not always everyone’s first choice. One of the big reasons behind this is the fact that their shape is not the most customizable. Depending on the manufacturer and installer you go through, these pools come in a stunning, but limited, line of shapes and colors. As well, fiberglass pools tend to have a higher initial price tag than most other pool types. But you won’t have any vinyl liner replacements or concrete resurfacing in the future. An inground fiberglass pool is a solid option for your beautiful backyard oasis.


Another of the most commonly installed pools are concrete pools. Unlike fiberglass, they are highly customizable. Since concrete is poured into a shape, the design is really up to you. Along with that, concrete pools offer more available features that can be added onto your inground pool. Both of these combine to create an attractive look when it comes to inground pools.

On the flip side, concrete pools take awhile to install, plus time for the concrete to set before you can swim those summer days away. However, your pool will last a lifetime if installed by a quality pool builder. And with so many sizes, shapes, and amenities available, what’s not to love?

Vinyl Liner

Lastly, you have the versatile vinyl-liner pools. These are most often chosen because of their low initial cost to install. Along with the price, vinyl pools offer quick installations and lower maintenance needs than concrete pools. Unlike concrete and fiberglass pools though, vinyl liners don’t last quite as long. Because of this, their lifespan is shorter than other pool types and requires replacements and fixes approximately every 7-10 years. However, the exciting thing is that when you choose your new liner, it’s almost like installing a whole new pool upgrade! You can change your pool color, design, or overall backyard aesthetic with a brand new liner. That’s  pretty incredible!

Get Started On Your Inground Pool Today

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Fiberglass vs. Concrete vs. Vinyl-Liner Pools: How to Pick the Best Inground Pool For Your Backyard

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